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    Safeguarding vital data to ensure timely, responsive care

    • CustomerNuvance Health


      LocationUnited States

    • Vision

      Healthcare provider Nuvance Health needed a unified backup solution that offers predictable, highly scalable protection for its Microsoft Office 365 environment and business intelligence applications, as well as backup and recovery for 1,600 VMware virtual machines.

    • Solution

      With more than 160 applications, Nuvance Health needed a solution that would provide greater ease of use and more refined retention periods for different data. One of the most compelling benefits of Dell APEX Backup Services is that capacity can be expanded on demand.

    • Impact

      The solution lets Nuvance Health manage their backup solutions with a ‘single pane of glass’. In addition, the predictable on demand model reduces their costs. There is no infrastructure to manage so the IT team are empowered to focus on strategic work rather than backup tasks.

    • Rob Gilliland, Chief Technology Officer, Nuvance Health

      “APEX Backup Services lets us increase or decrease our cloud storage as needed with a much faster turnaround time. The scalability is unbelievable.”

      The image shows Rob Gilliland, Chief Technology Officer, Nuvance Health
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