• Asset Resale and Recycling Services

    • We’ll take care of the old, so you can focus on the new.

      At the end of the IT lifecycle, when systems are obsolete, or new realities trigger change, we can help you resell, recycle or return to lease your excess hardware in a secure and environmentally conscious manner. As you transition to new technology, gain peace of mind that your sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, old equipment is handled responsibly, and you receive maximum value for your IT investment.

      Please visit this page if you need to understand how to comply with the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations.

    • Key Benefits

      • Realize the potential value of your aging equipment 
      • Protect your company’s sensitive information and brand reputation by adhering to environmental and data security standards
      • We’ll handle the pick-up logistics and retirement of any brand of owned or leased hardware

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    • Asset Resale and Recycling Datasheet

      Identity theft, standards compliance, environmental liability - these are increasingly top-of-mind for today’s businesses.

    • Asset Resale and Recycling Video

      Learn how Asset Resale and Recycling services help protect employee data, intellectual property, the environment and your brand reputation.

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