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Remote Learning Solutions

PCs and Accessories for Learning from Home

We’re here to guide you to the right systems and accessories so you can stay connected and productive from anywhere. Create a dedicated workspace that suits your work style with expert support.

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7 Tips for a Better Remote Learning Experience

Learning remotely can have its challenges. If you’re searching for ways to support your education from home, know that we’re in this together. Explore our tips for ways to keep you and your kids focused and productive when learning from home.


1. Support Your Learning Style

Transitioning your educational setup from school to home is different for every student. That’s why understanding your unique learning style (or learning styles) is so important to make the right adjustments to help you stay focused.

Do you thrive collaborating with a group, or do you prefer to work solo? Knowing how you like to take in information will help you assemble the right digital toolkit, complete with software and hardware that can take your online learning to the next level.

2. Set Up a Dedicated Space for Learning

Boost productivity and save time by setting up a dedicated spot to attend online classes and work on tasks. Having a consistent spot to learn and study from will reduce distractions and give you the ability to log on quickly for a better experience.

It’s important to consider the types of tasks you’ll be doing and set up a space that lets you seamlessly step into your online classes and projects. If you’re unsure of the types of technology that could help you in your remote learning journey, our product experts are here to help, with smart solutions that work for you today and can adapt with you as needs change.


3. Connect Beyond the Classroom

Technology not only allows us to learn from a distance; it also gives us the ability to keep in touch with online communities, teachers and classmates from afar. Now more than ever, it’s important to stay connected with those we might not be able to see in person.

Face-to-face interaction is made possible with online conferencing tools so that you can enjoy lessons from the safety of your home. Or try an instant messaging app to keep the communication open for creative and new ways to socialize with friends and classmates.

4. Close Apps for Better Bandwidth

Although it’s easy to use technology to the fullest when working and learning from home, pushing your bandwidth while attending online classes can lead to dropped calls and less-than-successful learning opportunities.

Ensure you’re set up for success every day: Close out of unnecessary programs and applications, don’t download large files and pause streaming, at least for the length of your online lessons.


5. Take a Break

Just like school has breaks between classes, students who are learning from home deserve a little time away from their books and computers to recharge. Set aside a few minutes each hour and make it a priority to hydrate, move, stretch and unplug.

You’ll find that taking a few moments to yourself not only improves circulation for more energy for the next class, it also helps to boost your mood, too.

6. Balance Your Learn-from-Home Lifestyle

Online classes give us the ability to learn from anywhere. But when you can stay connected 24/7, it’s easy for students to remain online long after school has ended. Balance is key to maintaining productivity in a remote learning environment. Make sure you have time to rest and reset by shutting down and unplugging from the computer after a certain time each day.

Scheduling times to step away from technology allows you to switch up activities and be active, burning off extra energy for better sleep and a more focused school day tomorrow.


7. Make Security a Priority

If your home is now the classroom, online security is now in your hands. An unsecured WiFi network can leave you vulnerable to online threats like hackers and scammers, which is why it’s important to take steps to protect your personal data. You’ll also want to stay on the lookout for digital dangers and never click on suspicious links or open questionable email attachments.

If you’re looking for more ways to improve your online learning experience, we’re here to help. Discover smart security solutions that can help students stay productive and connected from anywhere.

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