Dell PowerProtect DD Series Appliances: Increased Cloud Capacity with DDOS 7.3

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Dell PowerProtect DD Series Appliances has delivered at scale since being introduced to the market last September. PowerProtect DD9900 has since grown in usable capacity from 1.25PB at launch, to 1.5PB usable as part of DDOS 7.2 this past spring. This summer’s release is no different, jam packed with a new entry capacity for DD6900 and a higher TB instance count for PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition (DDVE) when deployed in-cloud. Lets dive in to some of the strides we have made with this release and DDOS 7.3.

DDVE Improvements

DDVE now supports up to 256TB instances when deployed in-cloud (AWS and Google Cloud), up from the previous 96TB instances. The higher capacity point allows for easier management with less instances given the higher capacity threshold.

When deployed in Azure, DDVE can now take advantage of the premium SSD option allowing for increased levels of speed and performance.

Lastly, DDVE is now available to download as a bring your own license (BYOL) from the Google Cloud marketplace, furthering our marketplace coverage to all of the major public cloud providers.

Not familiar with DDVE? Check out the overview video below to learn more.

DD6900 new entry capacity point

We are also introducing a new entry capacity point for the DD6900, starting at 24TB usable capacity, down from the original 48TB. This is achieved with half shelf licensing support via DDOS 7.3 allowing for grow in place expansion, in 24TB increments, when more disk space is needed. The PowerProtect DD portfolio now offers comprehensive coverage ranging from 1TB with DDVE up to 1.5PB usable with the DD9900.

Ease of management

With DDOS 7.2, we introduced a streamlined upgrade process for PowerProtect DD Management Center (DDMC) allowing for the scheduling of PowerProtect DD upgrades in a one to many format. With DDOS 7.3 and DDMC, we have added HTML based capacity reporting and email notifications for increased levels of visibility. Check out the below DDMC overview video to learn more about what DDMC has to offer for easy management of your DD environment, old and new.

This August’s release was full of innovation, from the increased capacity point (256TB) for DDVE when deployed in-cloud, or the new entry capacity point for DD6900 at 24TB, the comprehensive PowerProtect DD portfolio has you covered. If you have any question about this release, make sure to follow up with your account rep to learn more. If you would like to learn more about PowerProtect DD Series Appliances check us out online. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for up to date information on the Dell Technologies Data Protection Portfolio.

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