Dell’s Bamboo Packaging Comes Close at the 2010 Global Green Awards

Consumers are making green a larger part of their lives…and purchases.  Dell’s bamboo packaging was nominated as one of four semi-finalists, and the only American company, in the 2010 Global Green Awards (#greenawards) for Creativity in Sustainability in the category of Best Green Packaging.  These awards are among the most prestigious in the industry.  The winners were announced last week in London with many dignitaries in attendance including Prince Charles.

The venue for the awards was the dinosaur hall at the British Natural History Museum.  It was a spectacular setting and served as a sublime reminder that if we don’t help the environment the same fate may befall us as the dinosaurs.  The large number of people from different countries, companies, NGO’s, and governments was truly impressive.  The competition drew over 225 entries from 23 different countries. 

Oliver Campbell at the 2010 Global Green Awards Two inspirational experiences stand out for me.  The first was the introduction of Sir David Attenborough to receive a Lifetime achievement award.  Growing up I followed his exploits on television through the BBC Life series.  It was a thrill to hear Sir David talk about his career and perspectives on climate change from over 50 years of studying the natural world.  The second was the Grand Prix award to the China Environmental Protection Foundation.  They developed an interactive art advertisement that involved nearly 4 million people.  Images of large, leafless trees were laid across seven crosswalks in Shanghai.  Green paint was placed on either side of the street.  As pedestrians walked across the image of the tree their footprints colored in the leafy foliage.  The idea was to promote more walking and less driving.  It got me to think that maybe we could do something similar with our Dell bamboo.  When I bounced the idea off my eleven year old daughter she was excited about trying it her school.  Oh, and about Prince Charles, when the MC announced his presence we craned our necks to see him but unfortunately Dippy the Dinosaur was in the way.

We came for the announcement of the 2010 Best Green Packaging award.  The winner was Planet People a Canadian company.  They make eco-sensible cleaning solutions that don’t contain harmful chemicals.  Their packaging idea is a retail cartridge that holds concentrated cleaner.  The cartridge is then inserted in their line of reusable bottles and sprayers.  This design achieves an 80% reduction in plastic used and substantial elimination in the unnecessary shipment of water.  A good idea is a good idea no matter who develops it. We’re honored to be held in the same company for environmental leadership and creativity.  Congratulations and well done to the team at Planet People on their win!

We’re thinking about competing again next year.  Any thoughts out there on what Dell should enter?

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Oliver Campbell at Global Green Awards

Oliver Campbell

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Under Oliver’s leadership, Dell revolutionized the use of circular economy packaging materials through multiple materials’ innovations that have created credible alternatives to single-use plastics. Oliver’s accomplishments have been highlighted in leading publications and he has been honored with several industry innovation awards. He co-founded NextWave Plastics, a consortium committed to creating a commercially scalable supply chain to keep plastics out of the ocean. Oliver holds Bachelor and Master of Engineering degrees from Cornell University and an MBA from The University of Texas.