The next step for IT administrators: Enable dynamic server identity (OS & application) on both physical and virtual machines

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With Dell Wyse WSM version 6.0.0 software and CloudVolumes, the Instant Workload Management (IWM) solutions company, you now can now virtualize the server operating systems (OS) and everything above it.

This provides the capability to deliver any supported server OS to virtual or physical platforms and deliver an identity to the server in the form of a workload (e.g. SQL server, an IIS Web Server and all of its dependencies including enabling roles on the server and starting services); all this to stateless end client platforms. The entire deployment can be managed via the Dell Wyse WSM and Cloud Volumes management consoles.

Further, this combination enables you to change the identity of servers quickly and easily, giving you the freedom to move as business demands change. It will help bridge the current gap in virtualization, managing both physical and virtual servers in an innovative and efficient way.

To demonstrate some of the key capabilities of this new solution, we wanted to share the following video. In this video, we will configure a new bare metal piece of hardware, a Dell M610 blade server, from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offered by, and stream an OS (Windows 2008 64-bit) onto that server with Dell Wyse WSM.  We then log in with a user who has been assigned a CloudVolumes workload, which will instantly initiate the delivery of the SQL workload to the physical server in seconds.  The whole process takes under 10 minutes, in stark contrast to the normal hour or more that it normally takes to stand up a server with applications!

In the traditional IT world, you would have to install an OS or deploy an image to the device, taking at least 30 minutes or more, plus at least another 30 minutes to install and configure the SQL server.  And of course, your SQL instance is now tied to that particular piece of hardware. Even in a virtual world you would still have to clone to deploy a virtual machine template, have it boot, join to the domain, reboot, and then install and configure SQL. This usually takes at least 30 minutes, if not more.

This new capability enables servers to dynamically change their roles within seconds, saving on both time and resources. The solution is hardware agnostic, and requires absolutely no changes to existing infrastructure, hypervisor, application, licensing or policy. With the unique ability to virtualize everything above the OS, it will enable these servers to be seamlessly managed. Applications will be delivered onto servers, while current workloads continue to be operated.

With Dell Wyse WSM, you get the security and ease of management of VDI with the familiar high performance and connectivity of a locally executing PC.  And now with Dell Wyse WSM 6.0.0, those benefits extend to configuring and provisioning servers and high-end 64-bit applications as well. The solution supports all server applications, including those that have been custom developed.

About the Author: Manish Bhaskar

Topics in this article