Intuitive infrastructure management for the converged data center – Introducing Active System Manager

Spin up and scale workloads in minutes, not weeks!

IT organizations today are faced with greater complexity in deploying and managing the underlying infrastructure upon which they deliver IT services. This complexity has translated into longer lead times to on-board or re-configure infrastructure, slow recovery from unexpected failures and proliferation of management consoles.

Today, Dell announced Active System, a new converged infrastructure offering that was developed from the ground up to have superior infrastructure integration and an intuitive management experience. IT organizations have the flexibility to adopt Active System in the form of a pre-integrated system (such as the Active System 800), a reference architecture or as a custom implementation, all of which can be managed by Active System Manager. Active System Manager is an easy-to-use and workload-centric converged infrastructure manager that streamlines infrastructure configuration and on-going lifecycle management.

Here’s a video that gives an introduction to Active System Manager:

Through the use of templates, Dell Active System Manager drives centralized infrastructure requirements capturing, automated configuration of infrastructure elements, and infrastructure lifecycle management spanning discovery, inventory, deployment and on-going management of the underlying infrastructure. To support scale and rapid recovery from hardware failures, Active System Manager enables IT to quickly migrate workloads to new or re-purposed infrastructure.

The development of Active System Manager focused on a simplified and efficient user experience. It offers guided user workflows and multi-level graphical views that make it easy for IT administrators to make better decisions and achieve consistent results. Active System Manager also acts as a single point of control for most infrastructure configuration and on-going management functions, enabling IT organizations to collapse management consoles needed for common day-to-day data center management tasks.

IT oraganizations can expect to achieve significant benefits from the adoption of the management framework that Active System Manager enables:

  • ·Rapidly respond to business needs – quickly on-board or re-configure infrastructure, speeding up time to production of new workloads or scaling of resources for existing workloads

  • Maximize data center efficiency – automate and eliminate manual infrastructure configuration steps and collapse multiple management consoles

  • Strengthen quality of IT service delivery – eliminate hidden configuration errors, make better management decisions, and recover from failures quickly

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About the Author: Andy Rhodes