PowerStore Prime: Smart Choice for Unstoppable Storage Advantage

How to enable continuous innovation in the age of AI.

In the age of AI, the pace of market transformation is unprecedented. Every industry is being revolutionized before our eyes, and opportunities for growth abound. But there’s a catch.

To compete in this new relentlessly accelerating world, companies can no longer rely on a single breakthrough to fuel their future. They must create a non-stop cycle of innovation. Data is more important than ever, and IT managers are at the forefront, tasked with providing flexible storage environments that can withstand rapidly escalating demands from Day 1. Dead ends are off the table as businesses seek a roadmap for enduring success.

Technology Alone is Not Enough

While technology will play a critical role in meeting this challenge, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. To be unstoppable, today’s infrastructure solutions require:

    1. Best-in-class platforms – to handle current needs and adapt with the times.
    2. Alignment with business frameworks – to optimize your company’s financial, operational and human resources over the long run.
    3. Trusted expertise and planning – to steer the solution’s application and evolution, while complementing and extending the skillset of your internal teams.

By addressing all three core requirements, the solution becomes a truly strategic asset that enables sustained innovation. But where do you start?

Introducing PowerStore Prime: The Smart Choice for All-flash Storage

Dell Technologies is pleased to announce PowerStore Prime, an integrated offering that combines all-flash storage advancements with new strategic business advantages to help our customers compete in a rapidly changing world. Delivered in collaboration with the expertise and solution capability of Dell’s global partner ecosystem, Prime makes PowerStore the essential all-flash storage platform for innovation.

Welcome to the Innovation Fast Lane

Prime starts with the latest release of our flagship enterprise all-flash array (AFA). PowerStore 4.0 takes the award-winning PowerStore platform to the next level with increased performance, efficiency, resiliency and multicloud capabilities. With PowerStore 4.0 you can:

    • Power any innovation with up to 30% more IOPS,1 20% lower latency2 and 2x more volumes3—all from a no-cost software upgrade. You can also boost performance up to 66%4 with a data-in-place controller upgrade, seamlessly transforming your second generation PowerStore appliance to the next higher model or upgrade from first to second generation while keeping your existing chassis and drives.
    • Stretch your IT budget further with up to 20% enhanced data reduction5 and a new “no compromises” QLC model. PowerStore 3200Q, the industry’s most flexible QLC array,6 is an ideal workload consolidation target, lowering capacity cost while delivering the same performance and enterprise feature set as PowerStore TLC models—including the ability to mix and match models in intelligent scale-out clusters.
    • Protect any workload with five kinds of local and remote data protection, including new synchronous replication for block and file, easily combined and orchestrated in a single workflow. PowerStore’s popular native Metro Volume now supports Windows, Linux and VMware, offering an active/active solution with true Zero RTO/RPO protection and automated fail-over/failback thanks to the no-cost third-site Witness feature.
    • Activate your multicloud future with data mobility enhancements that make it easy to backup, restore and migrate PowerStore data to the cloud. Dell now offers simple options to move live PowerStore workloads to and from APEX Block Storage, the industry’s most resilient and flexible cloud storage—while simultaneously performing multi-hop OS conversions to modernize those workloads in one smooth process. This capability joins PowerStore’s existing native Storage Direct integration with APEX Protection Storage.

We’re also adding:

    • New QoS, plus support for 8x more VLANs7—ideal for service providers!
    • New AIOps Assistant that allows PowerStore users to “talk” to their APEX AIOps tools, saving time and accelerating results.
    • New Capacity Accounting feature for industry-leading visibility of data reduction results.
    • New Universal Import, making it easier than ever to move to PowerStore with point-and-click migration from any legacy Dell or third-party array.

PowerStore’s latest features surpassed our expectations. The intuitive replication workflow greatly simplifies setup, and the ability to switch quickly between Synchronous and Asynchronous modes has transformed our data protection strategy.” – Uli Betzler, Storage Architect, KIT

New Business Advantages Help You Play the Long Game

But the offer goes far beyond product advantages. PowerStore Prime also delivers a powerful lineup of financial and operational benefits to optimize and protect your investment, including new Future-Proof and Services offers.

    • 5:1 Data Reduction Guarantee.8 It’s the industry’s gold standard guarantee, with no required pre-assessment or program fees, up to five-year coverage term and a transparent remediation process. Dell stands beyond our powerful data reduction technology—and you can count on the long-term capacity and energy savings, no matter how your business grows.
    • APEX Subscriptions. Flexible as-a-service consumption options for PowerStore allow you to pay for only what you need on a monthly basis, plus manage all your APEX subscriptions through the APEX Console, for simplified billing, monitoring and forecasting.
    • Lifecycle Extension with ProSupport. Dell’s new premiere infrastructure investment protection program for PowerStore combines world-class ProSupport or ProSupport Plus services with flexible technology upgrades and technical advisory services. Save up to 25% on upgrades,9 and simplify every phase of storage ownership!

Dell Partners – A Force Multiplier for PowerStore

As a channel partner, we’re excited to help our customers consolidate workloads with the new PowerStore 3200Q. It offers great performance, sync/async replication, plus guaranteed 5:1 DRR for ultra-high storage utilization.” – Markus Wendler, Head of Competence Center Storage, SVA

And best of all, PowerStore Prime is a “partner powered” release. Dell’s world-class global partner ecosystem is one of the best business and technology advantages our end customers have. Prime helps partners leverage their diverse expertise and integration capabilities to deliver value-added solutions for our joint customers. Our commitment to building collaborative partner relationships has never been stronger—and end customers are the ultimate beneficiary. Whether they prefer to purchase PowerStore directly or through a partner, customers can rely on cutting-edge solutions backed by a network of expert support that will help them move ahead with confidence and agility.

Build Your Data Innovation Future with PowerStore Prime

If you haven’t checked out PowerStore lately, now is the time. With world-class technology and unmatched business advantages, Prime is the total package; and I’m excited to see how our customers use it to innovate with data! They’ll be unstoppable—because PowerStore Prime gives them an unstoppable storage advantage for an AI-accelerated world that won’t wait.

Follow these links to learn more: 

1 Based on internal analysis comparing PowerStore 5200 peak IOPS with PowerStore OS 3.6 vs. PowerStoreOS 4.0, running 70/30 read/write mix, 128k block size over FC. Actual results will vary.
2 Based on internal testing of 64k reads on PowerStore 1200 with 32GB FC running PowerStoreOS 3.6 vs 4.0.
3 Maximum supported block volumes for PowerStore model 5200 with PowerStoreOS 3.6 vs. PowerStore OS 4.0.
4 Based on internal analysis comparing PowerStore 3200 vs. PowerStore 5200 resource maximums running PowerStore OS 4.0. Performance comparison using peak IOPS running 70/30 read/write mix, 8k block size over FC. Actual results will vary.
5 Based on internal analysis comparing data reduction with PowerStoreOS 3.5 vs. PowerStoreOS 4.0 with variable block compression, Actual results will vary.
6 Based on Dell analysis of Primary Storage QLC arrays – May 2024.
7 Maximum supported VLANs for PowerStore models with PowerStoreOS 3.6 vs. PowerStore OS 4.0.
8 5:1 average rate guaranteed across customer applications. Rates for individual applications may vary. See Future-Proof Program terms and conditions for details.
9 Subscribers of Lifecycle Extension with ProSupport or ProSupport Plus save up to 25% when upgrading their storage product using the program’s qualified upgrades -compared to those without the program. 6-year contract required. Refer to your sales representative for more details.

Travis Vigil

About the Author: Travis Vigil

Travis Vigil is Senior Vice President leading Portfolio and Product Management for Dell’s Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG). He and his team are responsible for Dell’s Server, Storage, Data Protection, CI/HCI, Networking and Solutions businesses. He has over 20 years of Product Management, Marketing and Business Operations experience with technology companies including Intel and Dell. In previous roles at Dell, he served as Senior Vice President for Storage and Data Protection Product Management, and Senior Vice President for Business Operations focused on Dell’s Server, Storage and Networking Businesses. He has a B.S. from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.