Propel software-defined network innovation with Open Networking

Over the past few years, there has been much discussion about disaggregating networks in order to give organizations more choice in building the foundations needed for future-ready infrastructures. Traditional networks are struggling to support increases in traffic, devices and security risks. Upgrading networks to meet these challenges is difficult because traditional networks operate as technology silos that require proprietary hardware and software as well as rigid processes and specialized skill sets for systems administrators   In order to meet today’s rapidly evolving business challenges, organizations need more choice and control over their network infrastructure.

The age of network innovation through disaggregation has arrived. This disaggregated networking model allows organizations to choose among various industry-standard networking switches, network applications and network operating systems to meet their specific business needs. The disaggregated networking model provides consistent computing and networking with a common deployment and operation model. Through this open networking approach, customers can realize lower operation and capital expenditures while simultaneously breaking free from vendor lock-in.

By disaggregating the network customers can benefit from a more flexible platform that IT professionals control at every level. Organizations that want to implement a future-ready infrastructure should look closely at Dell, a leader in open systems.  IT departments can now run Linux on Dell switches and servers. Customers can also adopt software-defined networking (SDN) solutions with Dell technologies, And regardless of the requirements and the size of an organization, Dell provides innovative solutions and support services. Dell offers the largest set of Open Networking solutions available today with application specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

Check out how leading edge IT departments are already using Dell Open Networking solutions to get results. Take a look at the new eBook called “The Path Is Open to Software-Defined Networking.” It shows how four different organizations are:

  • Protecting investments with a highly flexible and scalable network that minimizes the need to replace hardware.
  • Accelerating innovation velocity to create new services and automated processes quicker by simplifying network management.
  • Increasing business agility to drive growth with a network that supports, rather than restricts, their vision.

1)      By implementing SDN with a Dell Open Networking solution, Cornell University

  • Increases researchers’ efficiency by 200% with accelerated data analysis and support for more concurrent workloads.
  • Meets diverse user requirements with one network, including the need for different SDN controllers.
  • Saves money by halving its network footprint, boosting the utilization of individual switches and automating tasks.

2)     By deploying a software-defined data center that includes a Dell Open Networking solution, cloud services provider U2 Cloud:

  • Improves customer experience by running workloads 300% faster and servicing change requests in minutes rather than weeks.
  • Boosts ROI by supporting more than one virtual switch on a physical switch.

3)     By replacing its traditional network with a Dell Open Networking solution, cloud service provider ICM Netsystems:

  • Facilitates a 35% growth rate in business volume by accelerating client onboarding.
  • Speeds network performance by 45% and IT staff efficiency by 20%.
  • Fuels innovation by increasing network flexibility and simplifying development.

4)     By deploying a private cloud that uses a Dell Open Networking solution, open-source developer Midokura:

  • Increases efficiency by managing the network and servers with the same Linux commands.
  • Improves user experience by enabling engineers to reconfigure virtual network resources to support changing demand.

“The Path Is Open to Software-Defined Networking” provides more details about the customers’ solutions — including why they engaged Dell over the competition, what Open Networking technologies they’re using, and their business outcomes. Check out the eBook today.

How are you using Dell Open Networking solutions to help make your business future ready? Or do you have any plans for implementing these technologies? As a product marketing manager who works on these solutions, I welcome your feedback and questions.

About the Author: Don Root

Don Root was formerly part of Networking Product Marketing group for Dell Technologies.