Protect the Power of the Cloud: Data Protection for VMware Cloud

As predictions roll in for trends in technology this year, it is no surprise that data protection, security and automation are rising in importance for organizations worldwide. As more organizations move applications and data to the cloud, solid and reliable recovery is becoming a differentiator. For our customers, Dell is a trusted data protection partner, providing comprehensive coverage, rapid recovery and powerful architecture, resulting in reduced infrastructure costs and simply powerful data protection for VMware environments.

Dell and VMware – Modernizing One Infrastructure at a Time

Dell and VMware co-engineered the VMware Cloud on Dell cloud infrastructure delivered as a service on-premises, fully managed by VMware. VMware Cloud on Dell is built on Dell VxRail infrastructure and runs on the VMware SDDC to handle compute, storage and network processing. This all-inclusive service also offers a hybrid control plane to provision and monitor resources as well as a monthly subscription-based pricing model.

VMware Cloud on Dell offers customers support for multiple use cases, such as data center modernization, switch from CapEx to OpEx financial models, and hardware refresh. Another use case is data latency and sovereignty, where the infrastructure stays on-site and can be employed by companies with low data latency requirements, data sovereignty requirements, and data governance and security. Application modernization, including development agility, Kubernetes and traditional application deployments are all instances where customers can utilize VMware Cloud on Dell.

With DRaaS, ensure your data is safe and accessible if your infrastructure becomes unavailable.

Data Protection for VMware Cloud on AWS

Dell also offers Data Protection for VMware Cloud on AWS users. Dell Data Protection Software is cloud-enabled and offers comprehensive data protection and superior performance for backup and recovery across your entire VMware Cloud on AWS environment. It provides the same world-class data protection whether your applications run on-premises or in the public cloud.

Just as VMware Cloud on AWS enables vAdmins to manage cloud resources with familiar VMware tools, Dell seamlessly integrates cloud and on-premises data protection. This allows users to utilize the same data protection tools in the cloud that they already use on-premises, without needing to upskill.

Dell data protection for VMware Cloud allows for extremely simple disaster recovery for VMware Cloud users. Organizations can fail over on demand to VMware Cloud on AWS in the case of a disaster event and spin off and run VMs in their own VMware Cloud on AWS environment. When the disaster event is resolved, they simply use vMotion to move the VMs back to on-premises for recovery.

Top Solution Benefits of Running Dell Data Protection for VMware Cloud

Top Solution Benefits of Running Dell Data Protection for VMware Cloud

  • Proven enterprise data protection for the enterprise public cloud
  • Seamless integration with on-premises data protection
  • Industry’s best-in-class deduplication, which can lead to lower consumption costs
  • Protection of VMware workloads on AWS storage for increased resiliency
  • Native integration into VMware management tools for the ultimate automation experience

Dell data protection supports four use cases today with our cloud data protection strategy: long-term retention, disaster recovery, backup to the cloud and hybrid/cloud backup.

Automate Everywhere for Simplified Management

PowerProtect Data Manager can automate protection policies that provides companies with an easy and seamless way to ensure their data is always protected. Specifically, infrastructure automation has attribute-based inclusion and exclusion, where IT admins can set rules to be used for VM discovery and inclusion, as well as flexible and powerful REGEX matching. It can be auto deployed by either SDDC deployer (auto deploy backup, target and join vSphere), auto deploy proxy data movers, and auto deploy in AWS or other marketplaces.

Data protection policies allow data protection administrators to control backup schedules and retention periods. Policies map to the underlying data protection provider from which the policy originated and adhere to the service level agreement (SLA) that the data protection provider supports.

Additionally, Dell offers orchestration automation to move data directly from the VMs to the intended storage target, both on-premises and in the cloud. The Dell data protection solution is software-based, comprising workflows that enhance the existing catalog with provisioning and job status checking tasks. Using vRealize Orchestrator, Dell data protection solutions are easily integrated into the VM environment, ensuring simplicity and ease-of-use in a familiar UI environment.

To learn more, join us at #DellTechWorld this year for session 7000, Data Protection Automation Made Simple with REST APIs and vRealize Automation.

Success Stories

Watermark – Watermark Solutions (Apptrix), an ERP firm for manufacturing companies, offers multiple levels of disaster recovery to the companies it hosts. Impeded by an eight-hour backup window and frequent failed backups, they switched to Dell Data Protection. Their new IDPA DP4400 appliance was up and running in two days and reliably completes backups in under two hours. The DP4400 works seamlessly with VMware, with over 1,000 VMs, automatically adding new VMs to the backup.

Xavier University – Storing and protecting data for extended periods of time is a necessity for Xavier University. With a 95%  virtual environment, Xavier turned to Dell Data Protection to protect vital student and administrative records. Backups of 20TB that ran 2-3 days with their former solution now complete in a single evening. Best of all, Xavier finds they’re saving space as well as time, thanks to the superior deduplication capabilities of Dell Data Protection Software.

Westgate Resorts Westgate Resorts, a hospitality timeshare company with 27 properties and over 10,000 employees, is growing – but their data protection solution wasn’t cost effective as they expanded. By switching to Dell Data Protection, they’re able to grow while easily protecting, managing and monitoring their data. By using Data Domain Cloud Tier to Microsoft Azure, they’ve been able to utilize cloud services for a fraction of the cost of keeping old backups on their primary storage.

Dell data protection provides customers with powerful, automated data protection for VMware and multi-cloud environments with deep integration points. Dell and VMware are committed to delivering jointly engineered products, making it easier for our customers to protect and recover their IT investment now and into the future. Our solutions are simple to deploy and manage – on-premises and in the cloud.

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