• Unpack your system


    Unpack your system

    Unpack the disk processor enclosure

    The disk processor enclosure (DPE) is a 2U component with either 12 3.5" drive slots or 25 2.5" drive slots. Verify that you have received all of the DPE components, including cables, bezel, rail kit, and mounting screws.

    Verifying shipping package contents

    Confirm that you received all necessary equipment needed to install the new 2U DPE.

    Verify that you received the following:

    Disk processor enclosure (DPE) - 2U component with either:
    • 25 2.5" drive slots
    • or
    • 12 3.5" drive slots
    • Front view 25 2.5" drive slots

    • or
    • Front view 12 3.5" drive slots

    Rail kit (1, includes 2 rails and 6 screws)
    Power cords
    Bezel for disk processor enclosure (1, with key)