• Power your utility digital transformation with Dell Technologies

    • Advance a new digital energy economy with an integrated and scalable technology approach

      Dell Technologies provides a comprehensive end-to-end solutions portfolio and partnerships needed to enable electric utility companies to become agile, dynamic producers and suppliers of increasingly clean, efficient resources. 

    • Accelerate time to value with Dell Technologies

      • Help electric utility companies transform their businesses to stay ahead of evolving market demands.
      • Leverage our global reach and single point of integration, service, and support.
      • Manage and scale next-generation energy systems and operational processes delivering reliability, security, affordability, and individualized customer services.
    • Intelligent solutions to modernize utilities

      Improve reliability, resiliency, and operational efficiency through standard operational platforms.

    • Reimagine Utilities Grid Modernization

    • Grid management platform common design architecture

      Grid management platform common design architecture leverages emerging technologies to strengthen and modernize the grid, to improve reliability, security, safety, and operational practices. We offer a more flexible, cost-effective, and durable solution to deliver increased grid reliability and system resilience.

    • Substation management platform common design architecture

      Substation management platform common design architecture leverages a new approach to electric utilities, one that provides a common, virtual architecture from the data center to the edge enabling more agility and higher levels of interoperability, security, and reliability.

    • Delivering energy transition and decarbonization with virtualized substations

      Our team of industry experts is committed to accelerating the energy transition and advancing decarbonization of the grid through partnerships with electric utilities and market leading vendors. The following solution brief specifically addresses our co-delivered Virtual Protection, Automation, and Control (vPAC) industry solution, which provides a reference architecture and structured approach to deploying a modernized substation to support the demands of the dynamic power system.

    • Connect Across the Utility Ecosystem

    • Powering Intelligent SAP Enterprise Applications

      In a time of rapid change, forward-looking energy utilities will reimagine their operation to enable the convergence of IT and OT, leveraging Dell-certified edge, core and cloud solutions for SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA and SAP Intelligent Technologies that reduce risk and accelerate the operational benefits made possible by data insights gleaned from their SAP environment.

    • Leverage AI-powered Analytics and Security

    • Advanced computing and analytics platforms for utility companies

      The partnership between Dell Technologies, NVIDIA, and Domino has yielded a single enterprise platform with purpose-built functionality for each step of utility data science projects. This joint solution increases data scientist productivity by offering self-service workspaces and allowing data scientists to configure their own environment to help utility companies set up and operationalize an effective data science environment in weeks rather than months.

    • Edge technology for utilities

      The energy industry is managing increasingly complex grids by performing analytics at the source of data collection, using edge technology. This is enabling real-time demand forecasting, affordable and reliable service delivery, enhanced security, and increased customer satisfaction.

    • Security compliance

      Security and compliance kit that helps your organization by significantly reducing the time taken to complete an audit. The kit empowers organizations to manage auditor expectations. It provides the tools to take control of the compliance conversation.

    • Automated utilities asset inspection using cloud-based AI/ML

      Dell Technologies, Noteworthy AI, and NVIDIA work in partnership to provide a solution that automates distribution asset inspection and inventory using vehicle-mounted hardware, proprietary computer vision technology, edge computing, cloud software, geospatial databases, and AI. This solution helps electric utilities ensure the reliability, resiliency, and safety of the distribution grid.

    • Intelligent management through strategic technology modernization

      Dell Technologies provides a comprehensive portfolio from the edge to the core, to cloud solutions, products, and services to prepare utility companies to meet the ever-changing business challenges and evolving competitive markets.