Energy, Climate Action & Sustainability

Meeting global demand for energy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions requires a digital energy transformation

Execute your Energy Transition with impactful application of IT across the entire energy value chain. This enables all energy customers and producers to effectively collaborate and maximize the use of sustainable and renewable resources. Dell Technologies provides transformational technology to accelerate the energy transition and our pathway to a low carbon future.

Manage change and deliver your climate and sustainability goals


Modernize utilities for a low carbon future

Maintain reliable operations with a distributed workforce and increasing amounts of intermittent generating capacity.

  • Modernize with advanced grid management platforms.
  • Automate substations with standardized digital platforms.
  • Improve worker safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Digital Cities

Accelerate transformation in our urban ecosystems

Deliver digital solutions to drive sustainable urban development.

  • Sustainable energy sourcing.
  • Resource security and integrated utilities.
  • Environment and safety.

Social Impact 1

Advancing sustainability

Protect and enrich our planet together with our customers, suppliers, and communities. Together we will:

  • Accelerate the circular economy.
  • Protect our planet and collaborate with our customers and partners to do the same.
  • Encourage the many people who build our products.

Social Impact 2

Climate change

Helping resolve the greatest challenge of the 21st century.

  • Facilitate global cooperation with a sustained focus on mitigation and adaptation.
  • Minimize the impact of technology on the climate and environment.
  • Develop solutions to support our customer’s climate and sustainability goals.

Take advantage of a broad portfolio of solutions specifically developed to meet the needs of the Energy Industry from the edge to the core to the Cloud.


Deploy your energy workloads with the speed, scalability, and reliability you require where you need it from the edge to the core to the Cloud.


Access a broad ecosystem of partners and solutions to increase the capabilities of your energy solutions.


Increase productivity, reduce costs, improve energy security, and maximize reliability with Dell Technologies.

Customer Stories


Eni launches powerful computing systems and accelerates the path to new sources of sustainable energy

Eni launches one of the world’s most powerful and sustainable computing systems to fuel research into new sources of energy.

wind cloud

New generation sustainability: CO2-free data center solutions

The data center operator Windcloud sets new standards in sustainable IT by hosting solutions in its data center powered 100% by green electricity.

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