Retail Industry IT

Retail industry IT solutions and digital transformation help enrich and personalize the customer experience

Deliver on your retail strategy for the future. Make retail digital transformation real by driving IT innovation to better engage with today’s connected consumer with highly personalized and seamless experiences across every shopping channel. Retail IT solutions to take you to the next level, from the store to the data center to the cloud. Let’s start today.

Improve decisions throughout the retail value chain to collect, aggregate, and analyze data, improving margins, decreasing costs, and reducing security risks

Deliver cloud-based infrastructure and agile development to power retail innovation

Modernize your IT Infrastructure, meet expanding customer expectations, and differentiate in a highly competitive market.

  • Store and distribution center cloud solutions
  • Retail agile frameworks

Create intelligent environments with data analytics to increase revenue and improve margins

Improve organizational speed, agility, and effectiveness through IoT, software, and insights powered by data.

  • Data Integration to capture data from multiple sources 
  • IoT data analytics to gain the full picture of shopper behavior

Deliver a secure, ubiquitous, multi-channel retail platform

Enable a seamless experience for consumers and staff, anywhere, any time, on any device.

  • Point-of-Sale retail solutions to improve productivity
  • Retail workspace with secure access to all applications

Improve asset protection, loss prevention, and secure transactions

Defend against sophisticated cyberattacks, adhere to PCI standards, and meet GDPR requirements.

  • Computer Vision to reduce shrinkage and deliver enhanced customer experiences
  • Secure Store Network to reduce risk and manage access

Lowe's Drives a Customer Focused Edge Strategy


See how Under Armour leverages Dell integrated appliances for cloud-based data protection and speedier, more reliable data backups


Woolworths Group keeps its grocery chain functioning across great distances with Dell Technologies Cloud


Noble Foods simplified management and data protection. See how HCI and data protection modernize company’s IT


Briggo Coffee empowers a distributed workforce to delight customers and connect people and processes across its supply chain

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GenAI for Retail

GenAI for Retail: A Dell Technologies Perspective

The Retail industry is rapidly changing, driven by shifting customer buying patterns. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a key role in accelerating decision making with accurate forecasting and predicting patterns. Generative AI (GenAI) technology has taken this further by democratizing the interaction with AI systems with conversational and interactive interfaces that can generate new and exciting innovations empowering both customers and employees alike. This paper provides a glimpse into GenAI technologies and how retailers can adopt and drive innovation.

Protecting retail assets and unlocking the potential of your data with AI-driven computer vision

See how Dell Technologies and NVIDIA asset protection solutions bring together an integrated ecosystem of innovative computer vision and AI capabilities to help retailers reduce theft and protect profits.

Artificial Intelligence Use Cases in Retail

When AI is done right, organizations can make big decisions and bold moves based on data-driven insights. Here’s how Dell Technologies can help you achieve more with AI.

Enabling the next stage in retail checkout convenience with AI-powered autonomous shopping

Dell Technologies and NVIDIA solutions for retail bring together an integrated ecosystem of innovative computer vision and AI capabilities to help retailers implement a completely frictionless autonomous shopping experience.

Future of Loss Prevention: Advancing Fraud Detection Capabilities at Self-Checkout and Throughout the Retail Store

Whitepaper by IDC - Necessity is the mother of invention/innovation, and retailers now understand that they need to accelerate technology investments in the store to enable omni-channel commerce and fulfillment.

Advance your retail data strategy

Use all your data to redefine your delivery models — omnichannel and in‑store experiences and more — with Microsoft data platform and Dell Technologies infrastructure.

Edge and computer vision are enabling better retail

See how computer vision, Edge and IoT solutions are driving success for retailers. See the potential of computer vision-enabled intelligence in your business.

Reference Architecture for Edge Computing in Retail

See how our solutions help retailers consolidate their applications and simplify their edge.

Reimagine Retail

This video showcases how Dell's retail IT solutions can help businesses streamline their operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth.