Intel® Core™ Processors

Aurora R9

  • 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 9700K (8-Core, 12MB Cache, Overclocked up to 4.6GHz across all cores)
  • Windows 10 Home Single Language 64bit English
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2080 SUPER™ 8GB GDDR6 (OC Ready)
  • 16GB Dual Channel HyperX™ FURY DDR4 XMP at 2666MHz
  • 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (Boot) + 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s (Storage)
Starting Price RM 11,991.99
Video: Alienware Aurora Desktop Product Video (2019)  1:04

Tech Specs & Customization Aurora R9

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9th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 9700K (8-Core, 12MB Cache, Overclocked up to 4.6GHz across all cores)
Included in price

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro makes protecting and accessing your personal PC and important files easy, whether you’re at home or away. Safeguard sensitive material with encryption settings in BitLocker, and have the flexibility to share with specific recipients via USB. And never be without access to your PC through Remote Desktop -- placing your files at your fingertips, anywhere and anytime. Operating System recovery media is not included with this purchase.
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Alienware recommended
+ RM 300.00
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Video Card

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Single Video Card Options
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+ RM 1,500.00

Hard Drive

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Dual Drives
512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (Boot) + 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s (Storage)
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2666MHZ Memory
16GB Dual Channel HyperX™ FURY DDR4 XMP at 2666MHz
Included in price


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+ RM 62.00


Alienware Mouse Is Not Included
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Chassis Options

RM 0.00
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Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 (2x2) and Bluetooth 5.0
Included in price

Wireless Driver

Wireless Driver for Killer 1650 Card
Included in price

Power Cord (System)

System Power Cord (UK)
Included in price

PCI Card

Thunderbolt PCIe Card 3.0
Included in price

Regulatory Label

APCC 850W EPA Regulatory Label
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Photo and Video Editing

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+ RM 1,810.30
+ RM 753.59
+ RM 1,574.54
+ RM 652.55
RM 0.00
+ RM 1,473.46
+ RM 631.46
+ RM 130.00


Get support for your Alienware PC with Premium Support Plus. Whether you want game installation assistance, help configuring your system settings, or need assistance with driver updates, we’re here for you 24x7.
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Getting Started
+ RM 22.58
+ RM 188.58
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+ RM 354.58
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Premium Support
+ RM 167.83
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+ RM 582.83
+ RM 997.83
+ RM 1,780.48
+ RM 1,392.08
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+ RM 329.15
+ RM 825.33
+ RM 1,313.28
Premium Support Plus
+ RM 1,882.51
+ RM 2,506.22
+ RM 142.91
+ RM 722.44
+ RM 1,301.96

Dell Services:Hardware Support

Get support for your Alienware PC with Premium Support Plus. Whether you want game installation assistance, help configuring your system settings, or need assistance with driver updates, we’re here for you 24x7.
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1Y Carry-In Service
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Accidental Damage Protection

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Additional Software

Additional Software
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Security Software

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For customers purchasing this digitally delivered software, a high-speed internet connection is recommended.
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Alienware recommended
+ RM 192.00
+ RM 123.00

OS Media Kit

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+ RM 130.00
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Microsoft Office

Office 2019 comes fully loaded with the latest and greatest versions of your favorite applications

Please note Microsoft Office OEM licenses ships in a separate box to hardware. Does not come with a recovery disk.

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No office license included.
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Annual subscription
+ RM 258.00
+ RM 195.00
Permanent license for 1 PC
+ RM 480.00
Alienware recommended
+ RM 1,600.00
+ RM 2,700.00

Digitally Delivered Software

+ RM 240.00
+ RM 250.00

Dell Services:Data Protection

+ RM 26.65
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Keyboards and Mice

+ RM 58.00
+ RM 44.00

Cables, Docking stations and Locks

+ RM 89.00
+ RM 92.00
+ RM 134.00


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Included in price
Dell AW2518H Monitor
Dell Monitor AW2518H
+ RM 3,389.00
Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor: AW3418DW
Alienware 34 Curved Monitor - AW3418DW
+ RM 6,809.00
Dell S2419HGF Monitor
Dell 24 Gaming Monitor - S2419HGF
Alienware recommended
+ RM 1,369.00
Dell S2719DGF Monitor
Dell 27 Monitor - S2719DGF
+ RM 2,619.00

External Storage/Networking

+ RM 209.00


Alienware Command Center
Dashboard navigates all features, including themes, system performance, and overclocking
- Game Library to manage titles from multiple services
- FX supports full RBG values up to 16.8 million colors
- Thermal Management monitors and sets thermal performance
- Power Management adjusts power plans with a game
- Overclocking controls system performance and overclocking profiles
- Sound Center dials in the perfect sound by managing sound profiles, audio effects, and Audio Recon

Product Safety, EMC and Environmental Datasheets
Dell Regulatory Compliance Home Page
Dell and the Environment

Also included in this system

The following options and default selections are included with your order.

W21905005MYW10CFLS-Alienware Aurora R9 Desktop
Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768
Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse - AW959
Excellent 1440p & 4K performance: i7 9700K Intel® processor, NVIDIA® RTX 2080, Windows 10 Home
Aurora R9
Starting Price
RM 11,991.99
Online Price
RM 10,998.99
Order Code w21905005myw10cfls


Operating System

Available with Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro: Break down boundaries and immerse yourself in the game with graphics more realistic than ever before thanks to the multi-thread scaling capabilities of the new API DirectX 12.


A new era of engineering: The new Aurora features our Legend Industrial Design with an improved airflow pattern from the previous generation. A new chassis design ensures airflow moves more fluidly and efficiently to reduce CPU temperatures while fans operate slower. Lower temperatures mean performance with more stability and higher overclocking which results in higher frames per second while gaming.

Gaming made timeless: The new Alienware Aurora is thoughtfully engineered with an innovative PSU swing-arm, which enables a variety of benefits like tool-less graphics and expansion bays and a compact chassis size. It also allows graphics cards to be perfectly positioned for purposeful airflow. We ensured the swing-arm carries the power supply which allows for airflow through the side vent, while securing and reducing vibrations during shipping to the cards themselves.

Added safety: To ensure safety and to avoid any damage or injury we created the stop-anywhere function on the PSU swing-arm. This prevents the swing-arm from falling or swinging while in use. Additionally, we included a locking mechanism that secures the swing-arm while open and being worked on.


Weapon of choice: The Alienware Aurora lives on as the official PC of choice for Team Liquid and can now be found serving in the newly opened Alienware Training Facility in Europe.

Bring on the action: Alienware and the Alienware Aurora partner up with RIOT Games to fuel stream-worthy, live gaming events around the world.

Get schooled: The Alienware Aurora is coming to the classroom thanks to an eSports for EDU initiative that enables universities across the United States to develop their own eSports programs using uncompromising gear.

Learn from the pros: Join the Alienware Academy on our Alienware Arena community site and get personalized, data-driven lessons from the world's best players to become a better competitive gamer.


The future of design: The new Legend Industrial Design innovates the elements of Alienware's roots and pushes Aurora into a new realm. The unique design helps avid gamers stand out from the crowd thanks to bold, continuous lighting and the iconic central loop of AlienFX that unleashes dynamic color versatility. Plus, thoughtfully positioned front I/O ports, easy to reach rear ports and upgradeable components offer extreme gaming flexibility. Finally, functional front airways and hexagonal-shaped side venting boosts intake efficiency and maximizes air movement.

Light it up: The new AlienFX RGB LED lighting adds an instantly iconic look to the Aurora.

Legendary colors: Find your own battle style with either a Lunar Light or Dark Side of the Moon Alienware Aurora featuring an ultra-smooth, satin finish.

Flexibility is key: The Aurora is thoughtfully engineered for enhanced usability. With an easy-access side entry panel and conveniently placed ports, including three USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type A) ports, a USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type-C) port, plus a headset and mic plug-in all located in the front of the system, its built for easy flexibility.


Overclocking guaranteed: The Alienware Aurora was designed to fully support custom upgrades, including optional factory liquid cooled overclocking on available 9th Gen Intel® processor options across all cores. The processor lays on a motherboard using the Intel Z370 Chipset with a bus speed of 8 GT/s and support for overclocking, Intel® Rapid Storage Technology and Intel® Platform Trust Technology.

High-speed memory: Your system delivers unwavering memory capabilities thanks to Kingston's HyperX. You can choose 2666Mhz memory that is available in single and dual channel configurations with options ranging 8GB to 16GB of DDR4 memory.

Striking visual capabilities: To take on even the most challenging titles, the Alienware Aurora brings AMD® Radeon™ graphics or NVIDIA® GeForce® 16 Series and 20 Series GeForce RTX™ cards with the latest in shading advancements and NVIDIA technologies like ray tracing, DLSS, and AI-enhanced graphics with added support for dual graphics and up to 600W of combined graphics power.

Killer™ Wireless: Never miss a beat with integrated networking solutions like Killer™ E2500 Ethernet LAN—found on the motherboard of all Alienware Auroras—and optional Killer™ DoubleShot Pro technology that sends your connection signals into turbo-boost when Killer™ LAN is already enabled.

Demand more: Experience the desktop that delivers incredibly fast load times with up to 256GB + 2TB of total storage space with a combo option that features PCIe NVMe SSDs and a 7200RPM hard drive.


The Alienware Command Center is continuously updated. Our latest version now includes features specifically desired by the gaming community with auto-tuned game profiles, a new responsive UI, intuitive overclocking options and all-new AlienFX settings.
Thermal control

Thermal control

Experience a performance-optimized airflow. The rear and top vents of the Alienware Aurora work as exhaust to keep temperatures in ideal ranges by removing heat from the system. The front and side vents simultaneously take in cool air to enable high performance and maintain system health.
Optimal overclocking

Optimal overclocking

The new Alienware Command Center includes an easy and intuitive overclocking control module that allows the user to quickly and safely squeeze additional performance out of their system.

Create your own system overclocking profiles, then easily control their system performance.
Enhanced AlienFX

Enhanced AlienFX

The latest AlienFX hardware and software supports full RGB values with up to 16.8 million colors.

Easily manage your FX lighting zones, edit peripheral settings and save new themes you can then assign for each game.
Ports & Slots

Ports & Slots

Front Ports

1. (3x) Type-A USB 3.1 Gen 1 Ports with Powershare technology | 2. (1x) Type-C USB 3.1 Gen 1 Port with Powershare technology | 3. (1x) Headphone/Line Out | 4. (1x) Microphone/Line In

Rear Ports

5. (1x) SPDIF Digital Output (Coax) | 6. (1x) SPDIF Digital Output (TOSLINK) | 7. (1x) RJ-45 Killer E2500 Gigabit Ethernet | 8. (5x) Type-A USB 2.0 Ports | 9. (1x) Full Size DisplayPort 1.2 Output | 10. (1x) Type-C™ USB 3.1 Gen 2 with Powershare technology (up to 15W) | 11. (1x) Type-A USB 3.1 Gen 2 | 12. Side Surround Output | 13. Microphone In | 14. Line Out | 15. (3x) Type-A USB 3.1 Gen 1 | 16. Rear Surround Output | 17. Center/Subwoofer Output | 18. Line in

*IO ports subject to graphics card selected.
Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions & Weight

1. Height: 481.6mm (18.9") | 2. Width: 222.8mm (8.771") | 3. Length: 431.9mm (17")
Volume: 33.8 L | Maximum Weight: 17.8 kg (39.2 lbs)*

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