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    PowerConnect 6248P Ethernet Switch

    Advanced Layer 3 Switching with PoE 48 Powered Ethernet Ports in a Stackable Switch

    The PowerConnect™ 6248P 48-port Gigabit Ethernet Layer 3 switch provides resilient stacking and power over Ethernet capabilities.

    • Ideal for power-dependant network applications
    • Advanced Layer 3 routing and multicast
    • Supports 10GBase T and SFP+ 10GE Modules

    PowerConnect 6248p Switch

    Advanced features with superb performance

    The PowerConnect 6248P delivers a comprehensive feature set with superb performance for the small to medium enterprise. This 48-port Gigabit Ethernet Layer 3 switch is stackable and offers optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks and supports the latest version of the Internet Protocol—IPv6—enabling broader worldwide scalability. Power over Ethernet capabilities provide support for power-dependant network applications including wireless, VoIP, video-conferencing and badge reading. The PowerConnect 6248P offers Enterprise class availability with failover times that provide for sub-250ms failover of any stacked switch, including master failure under all configurations. Furthermore, high performance stacking is supported for up to twelve systems, and advanced security and Quality of Service (QoS) features make this switch ideal for applications such as Voice over IP, Layer 3 routing, High Performance Cluster Computing (HPCC), and iSCSI storage. Advanced monitoring functions include sflow support, SNMP capabilities and a full GUI interface with graphical reporting. In the event of a switch failure, high availability functions maintain traffic flow in the stack, including mission-critical voice and storage sessions.
    Lifetime Warranty

    Lifetime Limited Warranty

    PowerConnect™ switches not only provide the quality, reliability and capability you expect from Dell™, but also the peace of mind that guarantees hardware for life — a true Lifetime Warranty. For more details see
    High Density

    High Density

    Delivering significant rack density, the PowerConnect 6248P is designed to give users the flexibility to maximize server and workstation connectivity in a 1U form factor. Up to 576 servers and/or clients can be connected in a stack of twelve 62xx series switches to provide the maximum density, flexibility and manageability, and the stack is built on a 10/100/1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet switch.
    High Performance Stacking

    High Performance Stacking

    The PowerConnect 6248P supports high performance stacking for up to twelve systems (each running at 48Gbps), which allows increased throughput to be added as needed without affecting network performance. With each switch supporting up to 184Gbps in switch capacity, the customer can have almost 3 Terabytes of capacity in a single stack of 12 switches.

    Power Over Ethernet

    Enhanced Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities allow the 6248P to provide up to 15.4 watts of power for network attached devices like wireless local area network (WLAN) access points and VoIP handsets. (External power supply required for full 15.4 watts on all 48 ports)
    The PowerConnect 6248p switch supports up to four 10 Gigabit Ethernet

    Optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet

    The PowerConnect 6248P switch supports up to four 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks for connectivity directly to 10GE routers, enterprise backbones and data centers.

    Advanced Layer 3 Capabilities

    The PowerConnect 6248P supports advanced Layer 3 routing and multicast protocols to help reduce congestion and manage traffic in the network. It also supports frequently used local area network (LAN) routing protocols such as Routing Information Protocol (RIP) v1/v2, Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) v2/v3, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP), Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (DVMRP), Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) and Link Layer Discovery Protocol-Media Endpoint Discovery (LLDP-MED).
    PowerConnect 62XX Advanced QoS

    Advanced QoS

    The PowerConnect 6248P offers flexibility in Quality of Service (QoS) by giving network administrators the ability to prioritise time-critical network traffic based on a variety of user-defined criteria. Administrators can expedite traffic based on L2 or L3 information, such as IP QoS, and provide greater control over traffic flow within the network. Voice VLANs are provided specifically for VoIP applications.
    Advanced Security

    Advanced Security

    Access Control Lists (ACLs) can be supported on the switch, allowing the user to perform deep packet inspection. 802.1x port authentication offers both single and multiple host access. Further security is provided through Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Prevention, whereby the switch can help protect against common network attacks and CPU attacks.
    IPv6 Ready

    IPv6 Certified

    IPv6 is version six of the Internet Protocol that has been in development for over 20 years. IPv6 has been designed to handle IP address limitations of previous versions of the Internet Protocol, enabling an increased number of unique IP addresses for broader scalability worldwide now and in the future.

    Peace of mind

    This PowerConnect™ switch is backed by an industry-leading, Lifetime Limited Warranty* that guarantees Basic Hardware Service (repair or replacement) for life.

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    Lifetime Limited Warranty*

    Select PowerConnect™ products carry a Lifetime Limited Hardware Warranty with Basic Hardware Service for life. Repair or replacement does not include configuration or other advanced service and support provided by Dell ProSupport Services. For more details see 

    Drivers, Manuals & Support

    Dell Support

    From drivers and manuals to diagnostic tools and replacement parts, Dell Product Support has you covered!