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    PowerEdge C410x PCIe Expansion Chassis

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    Adds up to 16.48 teraflops of computational power to your data center.

    The PowerEdge™ C410x is a 3U, external PCIe expansion chassis that can support 1-8 server connections to up to 16 GPU cards. This enables massive parallel calculations separate from the server, greatly enhancing system performance and flexibility.

    • Enhance capabilities without adding servers
    • Boost performance for faster results
    • Save space, weight and cost while increasing density

    PowerEdge c410x
    PowerEdge C410x - Problem solver extraordinaire

    Problem Solver Extraordinaire

    If you're looking for oil, predicting the weather or just trying to develop a more lifelike computer game, the PowerEdge™ C410x specializes in value-added performance.

    • Tons of horsepower — 16 PCIe slots for massive general-purpose graphics processing unit (GPGPU) calculations
    • Lots of options — Supports up to eight host connections to up to 16 GPU cards for maximum flexibility
    • Super-fast results — 4x the PCIe slots per server than competing PCIe expansion chassis 
    The PowerEdge™ C410x is specifically qualified with the Dell™ PowerEdge™ C6100 server but can connect to a range of servers. Furthermore, because the PowerEdge C410x de-couples the PCIe devices from servers, you can refresh them at different rates.
    PowerEdge C410x - Extreme Number Cruncher

    Extreme Number Cruncher

    By populating the PowerEdge™ C410x with GPU PCIe cards, you can turn your servers into computing powerhouses that can satisfy your never-ending quest for customizable speed.

    • Up to 16.48 teraflops — x16 PCIe lanes allocated to a host interface connection means up to 16,480 gigaflops of parallel calculating power at your disposal.
    • First with the most — The PowerEdge C410x is the first PCIe enclosure of its kind with up to 16 slots in one chassis.
    • Multiple configurations — Mix and match PCIe devices to set the right ratio for maximum application performance.

    The PowerEdge C410x PCIe expansion chassis is qualified for NVIDIA® Tesla™ compute modules, as well as for use with the PowerEdge C6100 server.

    Easy to own and operate

    The PowerEdge™ C410x PCIe expansion chassis is designed to concentrate tremendous computer power in a simple, scalable format that brings improved space-, weight- and cost-efficiency to your data center.
    PowerEdge C410x - Compact Package
    Compact package
    The PowerEdge C410x is a 3U expansion chassis designed to save space and weight.
    PowerEdge C410x - Intuitive monitoring
    Intuitive monitoring
    A dedicated Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) management port notifies you of voltage and temperature variations and any other system issues that may need attention.
    PowerEdge C410x - Uninterrupted service
    Uninterrupted service
    Hot-add PCIe slots, hot-pluggable fans and redundant power supplies stretch system uptime and enable on-the-fly servicing.
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    Optimized for performance and efficiency
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