Baker’s Half Dozen — Episode 14

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In today’s episode we will talk abut the effects of COVID-19 on cloud infrastructure and how companies are adapting. We will also discuss how data impacts space travel and the concept of data gravity! And if that wasn’t enough…we will test out a few technical “Dad Jokes” to celebrate Father’s Day!

Episode 14 Show Notes:

Item 1: COVID-19 has accelerated the shift to digital.

Item 2: Psst! Want to know the best kept security secret?

Item 3: What does NASA mean when they say, “Nominal Egress”?

Item 4: Can you escape data gravity?

Item 5: Is there more than one use for Machine Learning?

Item 6: You smell something?

Item 6.5: Technical Dad Jokes. 1. 2.

Matt Baker

About the Author: Matt Baker

Matt Baker is Dell Technologies’ Senior Vice President of AI Strategy. Working closely with the Chief AI Officer, Matt partners across the company to understand domain-specific use cases, building, define and standardize future architectures, and integrate AI across the product portfolio. Following his tenure leading the Corporate Strategy Office, Matt was asked to go deep into the world of data science and artificial intelligence, working in partnership with Dell’s senior leadership team to drive Dell’s AI strategy and to make this game-changing technology more accessible for everyone. Matt is an 18-year Dell Technologies veteran. In addition to leading the Corporate Strategy Office for two years, he drove the company’s Infrastructure Solutions Group strategy team for ten. He has also directed the strategy behind Dell Technologies’ Storage business and held a variety of product management responsibilities. Prior to joining Dell in 2005, Matt held a number of diverse roles at Intel Corporation over a 10-year span. Matt holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Political Science from McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland.