PowerProtect, SAP Hana and Google Cloud: One of Our Best Kept Secrets

Can Dell data protection solutions protect SAP workloads on the Google Cloud? It’s a question that has come up lately, and the answer is a resounding YES!

In fact, Dell Technologies Data Protection engineering has partnered with Google Cloud to bring our customers’ SAP S/4HANA enterprise workloads to their cloud infrastructure using Dell NetWorker and PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition products. This cooperative partnership creates a solution through a specific framework in which both parties accept it as a viable, transparent and easily deployable solution by our mutual customers.

Why is this important? SAP has over 440,000 global customers requiring in-cloud and on-premise data protection, and Dell Technologies boasts well over 2.7 exabytes of data protected in the cloud*. Google Cloud is a rapidly growing public cloud platform and the three organizations boast a multitude of mutual customers – from SMBs to large enterprises – that are building their cloud infrastructure and looking for consistent and reliable cloud experience. This partnership brings that and more.

The combination of PowerProtect DD VE and the Data protection Suite with NetWorker lets SAP admins protect their data using their native tools, but also provide them with the simplicity and efficiency of backing up directly to PowerProtect DDVE. This seamless experience eliminates the complexity of traditional backup software and puts control in the hands of SAP data owners, letting them have the control they need to do backups when they want.

And one more point – Dell’s solutions are Certified with SAPs Backint API, allowing them to integrate directly into S/4HANA Studio, giving SAP Basis and database administrators direct control over backup and recovery, enabling self-service without any loss of visibility.

Dell Technologies, Google Cloud and SAP is a pretty impressive lineup, and if you are looking at building or expanding this kind of infrastructure, take a few minutes to learn more.

For more information on the partnership, check out the partnership solution brief here.

You can find more information about Dell data protection and SAP solutions in general, here.

*Based on Dell analysis, February 2020

Efrain Viscarolasaga

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