Adaptable and intelligent block Storage as-a-Service

    Build and maintain your storage to support dynamically changing workloads and requirements.

    Intel Innovation Built-in

      Data-centric storage made simple

      Dell APEX Data Storage Services Block makes purchasing, deploying, and maintaining block storage seamless. With our enterprise-class features, you can quickly accommodate new workloads and simplify block storage management, all while safeguarding your company and data. 

    • Support for all workloads

      Support a wide range of traditional and modern workload requirements.

    • Robust security options

      Safeguard your company with Data at Rest Encryption via self-encrypting drives, role-based access control, and authentication.

    • Ecosystem intergration

      Improve ease of use and seamlessly integrate with leading vendors like VMware and Microsoft.

    • Start small and grow

      Accommodate for new or unpredictable workloads with the ability to utilize and grow capacity on an as-needed basis.

    • The Dell APEX Console unifies your Data Storage Services experience

      The Dell APEX Console provides self-service access to a catalog of cloud services and guides you through the entire technology lifecycle. Subscribe, operate, optimize, and grow to meet business demands.


      • Accelerating adoption of Azure Arc-enabled data services

        Azure Arc-enabled data services provide a version of SQL that can now be deployed on the validated infrastructure of Dell Technologies. Always up-to-date with the current version of SQL, there are no more migrations, no more upgrades, and no more end-of-support.

      • Optimizing your Oracle data infrastructure

        As Oracle database systems become more intelligent and complex, it's essential to maintain optimal performance, all while controlling costs. Dell APEX Data Storage Services Block delivers the benefits of block storage for Oracle databases in an as-a-Service model without the performance and capacity challenges associated with traditional Oracle infrastructure management.

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    • Looking for more storage choices?

      Learn how Dell APEX Data Storage Services can simplify transitioning to a to an as-a-Service model.