• Advanced Support for Software

    • Advanced Support for Software

      Do you need a higher level of support to help deploy, configure and quickly address issues that may arise with your Dell endpoint security software? 

      Advanced Support for Software provides you with direct access to a dedicated, highly trained security software expert who will support you and all of the Dell endpoint security software products in your environment. 

      Your dedicated expert will help ensure your software is up-to-date and help prevent common, known issues that can put you and your end users at risk.

      When you purchase Advanced Support for Software, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have someone to rely on for quick issue resolution in addition to 24x7 access to our team of ProSupport for Software technicians.

    • Key Benefits
      • Easy access to your dedicated security software expert
      • Strengthen your IT environment through frequent security validations from your highly trained expert
      • Improve upcoming software enhancements by sharing your ideas for future releases
    • Security software support features ProSupport for Software
      Included with your Dell security software purchase
      Advanced Support for Software
      Available for additional support
      Technical support and issue resolution
      Access to knowledge base and user exchange community
      Dedicated phone number to call
      Unlimited cases with priority assignment
      24x7 support from a team of technicians via ProSupport for Software technicians
      Dedicated support from a highly trained expert during business hours
      Single point of contact for personalized support and account management
      Customized communication plan, regular updates, monthly reviews and quarterly health checks
      Product release insights and opportunities to provide improvement ideas
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