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Intel® Core™ Processors

Innovation starts with Precision

Focus on your most transformative, mission-critical work with workstations optimized for performance, reliability and user experience.

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New Precision Mobile Workstations (2021)

Exceptional performance

Power CPU and GPU intensive applications with enterprise-grade components. Intel Xeon processors, professional NVIDIA® graphics and advanced thermal designs keep your system cool, quiet and running at peak performance.​

Fine-tune performance with exclusive Dell Optimizer for Precision. ​

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Mission-critical reliability

Work confidently on dependable, ISV-tested and certified* software applications.​ ​

Reduce memory-related errors and blue screens with Reliable Memory Technology (RMT) Pro, which works in conjunction with Error Correction Code (ECC) memory.​

Reduce the risk of data loss with RAID-capable storage.*

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Immersive experience

Enjoy a fuller screen experience with 4-sided InfinityEdge displays that feature up to UHD+ resolution and ensure color accuracy with Dell PremierColor.​ ​

Feel the difference with machined-aluminum covers, carbon fiber palm rests, pro keyboards and large click pads that are durable and comfortable enough for all-day work.

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Equipped for emerging technologies

Take a leap in data transfer speeds on workstations available with 5G. ​ ​

Create and consume Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) in 90 frames-per-second. Or, drive Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) applications with scalable memory and professional graphics and CPUs.

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Secure your device and data

Protect your data with a variety of security solutions, including Dell SafeGuard and Response, Dell SafeData, Dell SafeID, Dell SafeBIOS and Dell SafeScreen.​ Easily secure your hard drive with remote intrusion detection software that alerts you if the system has been compromised.*

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Made sustainably

Precision leads the industry in sustainable materials and was the first workstation in the world to design with reclaimed carbon fiber and renewable bioplastic.  Precision has more than 15 EPEAT-registered products, as independently certified by the Global Electronics Council* and ENERGY STAR 8.0 throughout the portfolio. Precision packaging uses 100% recycled paper pulp and on the 5000 series the system tray used during shipping is made of 100% recycled plastic (75% PCR and 25% ocean-bound) material.*

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Dell Optimizer for Precision


Prioritize your most important apps to open faster and perform better using Intel® Adaptix™ Technology.

Intelligent audio​

Enhance audio quality, manage speech volume and reduce background noises.

Analytics​ & Reporting

Analyze your system and generate reports on workload, system performance and system diagnostics.​


Unlock your workstation using facial recognition and automatically lock it when you walk away.​


Automatically join the best Wi-Fi connection in the office and direct bandwidth to critical applications.*

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Find the Precision that’s best for you.

Intel® Core™ Processors