Dell Security and Dell Channel Partners: A Two-Way Street to Greater Security

As part of the Dell Network Security Group, we strive to expand the reach of Dell Security solutions across the globe using many tools of communication.  Our mission is to get our top rated, most effective security solutions into every large, medium and small network across the planet.  Part of our strategy to do that is working with excellent security VARs.  VARs are absolutely key to customers deploying great security. VARs are often the trusted security advisors for companies of all sizes.  We are honored to partner with as many top quality trusted security advisors, like Jason Hill of Exertis VAD Solutions pictured below, to protect as many customers as possible.

Jason Hill ExertisVAD Solutions and Patrick Sweeney of Dell Security on stage at Peak Performance EMEA 2015

To transfer crucial knowledge, and to gain knowledge in return, we run Peak Performance events (our Partner Security Conference).  Dell Security EMEA Peak Performance in Berlin just finished, and I had the opportunity to present and hear from our partners. To state the obvious, security changes FAST.  Way, way too fast to assume everyone can keep up with it easily.  And it is too complex to assume all information can be communicated in short emails, marketing blurbs, or webinars. Sometimes, information has to be transferred eyeball to eyeball.  Don’t get me wrong.  All those other forms of content are REQUIRED but sometimes, there is an extra effort needed.  

That extra effort is face-to-face communications. And to my subtle point above (". . . and to gain crucial knowledge"), we run Dell Security Peak Performance not just to give information, but to GET it.  Security is far too complex to assume we know everything.  Our VARs protect so many customers and are experts in their field. This gives them unique perspectives on what is working and what is not. So knowledge transfer is a two-way street at Peak Performance. We provide tremendous amounts of knowledge coming from the experts representing everything from engineering to business. We covered the technical bits and bytes and the strategy. We communicate about the things we see affecting customers and we predict what will be the new vectors of attack going forward.  And our VARs communicate what success and pains their customers are experiencing. They educate us on the state of reality, not the state of a marketing messaging.  They are feet on the street and ears to the ground.  Our VARs have essential insights that we need and that we consume.

Patrick Sweeney on stage speaking at Dell Security EMEA Peak Performance 2015 in Berlin

Dell Security Peak Performance therefore is not something that can be done as a webinar. Webinars are one-way streets for the most part.  Peak Performances are two-way streets.  They are essential for both the Dell Network Security Group and to the VARs that protect customers. All have to come ready to learn. All have to be ready to educate. And in that spirit, I want to say, “Thank You.”  Thank you to all the VARs that came, those that listened, those that spoke, those that learned, and those that educated.  I cannot tell you how much it motivates me and my entire team to get those three days with you.  Sometimes the difference between good and great is hard to define.  But sometimes it is easy to identify one thing that does have a material impact.  Getting together at Peak has a material impact on making the world just a little bit safer for our customers.  Thank you!

Be sure to watch the video of the week’s recap in Berlin: Peak Performance EMEA 2015

We invite you to check out Dell Security Peak Performance for North America Aug. 30 to Sept.2 in Las Vegas.

About the Author: Patrick Sweeney