Four Employee Influencers to Follow at Dell Technologies World

We tapped four Dell employees to give an insider's look at what Dell Technologies World is all about.

One of the main reasons people look forward to Dell Technologies World is the opportunity to make new connections. Each year, leaders from across the globe join the annual conference to meet and engage with forward thinkers and take part in conversations about technology trends.

For those who can’t attend Dell Technologies World in-person next week, we still believe connecting is possible. This year, we’ve enlisted four Dell team members to share their own perspectives while on the ground in Las Vegas, providing a front-row view into the exciting announcements, special guests, new product demos and thought-provoking panels for which Dell Technologies World is known.

I’m pleased to introduce our Dell Technologies World Internal Influencer Crew: Jillian Kaplan, Vilma Gonzalez, Michael Ohanian and Ihab El Ghazzawi. I caught up with each team member to get an idea of what they’ll be looking out for at this year’s event and what excites them the most.

Jillian Kaplan
Jillian Kaplan

Jillian Kaplan, Head of Global Telecom Thought Leadership

“Sustainability is a huge focus for me this year. I always love the ‘Technology for Good’ theme, and I think over time (as an industry) the focus on sustainability has come and gone a few times. However, this time I believe it is here to stay and with my focus being telecom (who have massive data centers and are building their edge and cloud right now), we need to come together to build a better future. I am excited to see this focus come to life and stay at the forefront.”

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Vilma Gonzalez, Director, Global Consumer Campaigns

Vilma Gonzalez

“This is my first time at Dell Technologies World, and I’m particularly excited to attend to help make the amazing things we are doing with our tech, real to everyday people. I’ll be capturing content (with my own authentic spin), talking to our leaders and attendees about ideas and innovation, and sharing the journey of what it’s like to be there and be inspired on how we can use technology to bring our own ideas and passions to life.”

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Michael Ohanian, Client Technology Specialist/Expertise in Client Technology and End User Services

Michael Ohanian

“We have seen many changes in our world in the last few years, and these changes have accelerated the direction Client Computing is heading. I am interested in learning more about hybrid workspaces, modern provisioning, and PC as a Service. My interest in artificial intelligence and data science will be piqued by the latest workstation technology sessions. Esports programs are being developed by many K-12 and higher education customers. A number of interesting technologies and solutions will be presented by Alienware that will be helpful to K-12 and higher education Esports programs.”

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Ihab El Ghazzawi, Regional Director, Global Sales Enablement – Multicloud and as-a-Service Portfolio

Ihab El Ghazzawi

“I think DTW will be a valuable experience for me personally because it is the BEST opportunity to learn how Dell Technologies has a positive impact on our customers and our partners, how we can help them with their innovation, their sustainability goals, resolve their challenges and contribute to their success and profitable growth. On top of all of this, you get to meet and network with a whole bunch of industry leaders and innovators in the same place over the four days you are there. Really, an opportunity I can’t afford to miss.”

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Don’t miss out on the unique perspectives of each of our employee influencers for all the events and incredible moments at this year’s Dell Technologies World.

Patrick Jones

About the Author: Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones is a social media and communications strategist with a diverse background in the technology, financial services, and automotive industries. Since joining Dell in 2021, he has led innovative influencer campaigns for commercial products like Latitude, Rugged and Precision. He currently is leading the strategy and development of Dell’s internal influencer program, focused on elevating key enterprise initiatives. Prior to Dell, Patrick was a Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications at American Express and spent two years as the Director of social media at E*TRADE Financial. Patrick is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and currently lives in Savannah, Georgia with his dog, Lucy.