Finally, PC Imaging that Doesn’t Require Time Travel…

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…Or an 88-Year Date with Jennifer Lawrence

Have you seen the film, Passengers? I loved it at many levels though it wasn’t exactly what I expected. I was ready for a rip-snorting sci-fi survival flick but it turned out to be both romantic and philosophical too. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of action and as you might expect, a lot of IT on a ship that carries thousands of passengers in hibernation on a 120-year journey. And from an IT services POV, my sandbox, well let’s just say things start to go badly after a meteor storm.

There are probably millions of individual systems on the starship and, yes, I know you are going to call me a nerd, but I wondered, especially when the systems started acting up and rebooting, about the imaging demands.

The point is that you work on your own starship, some of you supporting tens of thousands of employee systems both in offices and in remote scenarios. You work hard to keep up with all the technology. You’re updating so many systems in your infrastructure that you can hit a wall—the “we can’t manage all our images fast enough” wall. Then suddenly, you are starting to see issues at the edge of your infrastructure. Maybe you’re not desperate enough *spoiler alert* to wake someone out of hibernation, but you do need help.

Welcome to Dell imaging where we’ve been perfecting imaging tools and processes for over 30 years!

For example, our ProDeploy Plus solution includes two popular tools. With ImageAssist you build, validate, and maintain a cross platform image that works on your new and legacy systems. You simply upload your image to our factory via TechDirect. We apply the most recent drivers, as they become available.

This eliminates the need to image new systems desk-side or at a staging area. With our order and image processes there are no unit minimums; we load your image in a matter of days.

And, you have what we all love: choices!

With static imaging, we load the static image as you provide it; your new systems are imaged as they are being built in our factory. With dynamic imaging you always have a cross-platform image ready to go at a moment’s notice. No need to maintain multiple images with an endless stream of driver updates.

If you have unique needs, we can provide flexible solutions, for example with Connected Configuration you can connect your systems management software, such as Microsoft SCCM, directly to our factory. Or, we can evaluate your imaging practices and even build images from scratch.

Walk away feeling empowered to handle updates in any continuum. Okay, maybe not on a 120-year space journey, not yet, but we’ll be ready when it’s reality. Will you?

About the Author: John Moody

John Moody serves as Vice President of Client Solutions Services Product Group. In this role, John is responsible for the worldwide design, development and marketing of Dell Support and Deployment services for all client units such as PCs, Thin Clients, Notebook’s and IoT. John has 21 years of Services, Sales/Online Marketing and Product Marketing experience at Dell. Prior to joining Dell in 1996, John worked in Insurance and Health Care Systems Integration for Electronic Data Systems for 8 years. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in 1985 with a BBA in Accounting, John worked for Coopers & Lybrand, auditing and consulting in a variety of industries. John is a native Texan who currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Lea. John enjoys running, biking and water skiing. He has two children, 26 year old daughter Maddie who also works in the technology industry and 24 year old son Jacob, a university student in Austin.
Topics in this article