Meet Digital Transformation Challenges with Customized Testing Solutions

Legacy technology management processes can restrain an organizations’ capability to plan, improve and deliver innovation. When combined with changes in consumer behavior and expectations — spurred on by technology enablers and increased adoption of new devices and platforms — there is a modality shift powerful enough to redefine industries.

Timeline of digitization in the banking industyAccording to Gartner’s Market Forecast: PCs, Ultramobiles and Mobile Phones, Worldwide, 2012-2019, 4Q15 Update – by 2018, mobile phone shipments are expected to reach the 2 billion mark, and smartphones will represent a significant percent of this market. And we believe this is significantly contributing to the journey of banking digitalization, as shown in the diagram below, which began in the early ’80s with the advent of ATMs and telebanking, continues today.

"Modern banking is about connecting people to their money more quickly, accurately and efficiently than ever before. As banks begin to place the focus more firmly on what customers want from mobile, banking will evolve a very different business model from what exists today," wrote Clayton Locke, chief technology officer at Intelligent Environments, in Banking Technology

Banks need to adopt digital technology to stay ahead of the competition, and to keep up with the high standards of performance and availability their customers demand. In order to deliver a first-class digital service that can deal with millions of transactions a day, banks and other financial institutions need to have multiple applications and complex IT systems working together seamlessly. This makes software testing even more important as these organizations race toward providing increased digital customer satisfaction.

Testing challenges of digitalization

Ever-changing market and regulatory requirements, along with strong competition in the market through new products and services, create a need for continuous functional testing. There are also new or changing mandatory legal requirements that banks need to implement for their banking applications.

A few key testing challenges and considerations that banks need to keep in mind for successful testing include –

  • A paradigm shift
  • Data confidentiality
  • Complex system landscapes
  • Changing market and regulatory requirements
  • Bank regulatory compliance

Dell’s approach to digital banking testing

Our digital banking test solutions come integrated with in-house, customized, open-source-driven technology and domain accelerators. With decades of experience in the banking industry, we’ve assembled a group of experienced testing personnel with rich domain knowledge. Also, our evidence-based testing capability helps organizations meet regulatory compliance. The diagram below depicts our unique approach.

Testing as a service: digital transformation testing

Digital transformation testing characteristics

We also have a dedicated Banking, Financial Services, Securities and Insurance Testing Center of Excellence to research and develop innovative solutions, backed by a strong knowledge management system that ensures the timely support of the delivery team.

We offer a wide variety of cost-effective, efficient testing services and value-added tools for any testing need. Our proprietary tools and competencies include:

  • Evidence-based testing
  • Early Performance Test Accelerator
  • Test Case Optimizer
  • Tool Agnostic Automation Accelerator
  • Mobility testing accelerators
  • Security Testing Framework
  • Payment Test Harness
  • Test Data Management Tool
  • End-to-end test management tool
  • Smart Performance Test Accelerator

Thumbnail of white paper coverAbout the whitepaper

Disruptive technology changes demand unconventional responses. As banks move toward digital transformation, the conventional way of conducting application testing may prove to be an impediment. Based on industry-leading Dell IP, our Application Testing Services focus on innovation, customer centricity and specialization. Learn how Dell Application Testing Services equip you with the right methodologies, tools and skills to transform your testing environment.

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