Reduce Time to Market for Smart, Connected Products with Internet of Things Testing

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic today. It has allowed significant improvements to the way individuals use and interact with products and devices of all kinds. IoT will transform our lives via interconnectedness of devices. The always-on nature of smart products enables seamless 24/7 communication with other objects and provides to host of new opportunities, as well as challenges.

The IoT has the potential to impact everything from new product opportunities and shop floor optimization, to worker efficiency gains that will power top- and bottom-line gains. IoT is at the “peak of inflated expectation,” and companies are at a turning point of deciding whether or not they want to invest their resources in IoT technology.

Companies that do take this journey toward smart, connected products will see many new market opportunities by pushing IoT to its limits.

So it follows that testing in the IoT requires the validation process of various aspects related to internet connectivity. The varied nature of IoT services demands strong testing abilities to ensure the performance of the services meets user necessities. Inadequate testing can make the IoT more of a bane than a boon. Extensive and exhaustive testing is critical for smart products before they are released on the market.

Dell Services has recently published a whitepaper on Testing Internet of Things Products and Devices drafted, to recognize the way out to moderate the challenges that are faced from the IoT.

The Dell Services Approach

At Dell Application Testing Services, we understand the challenges of testing smart, connected products before they go to market. Our in-depth experience, innovative solutions, and proprietary testing accelerators can help organizations of all sizes and backgrounds ensure comprehensive, end-to-end testing.

Dell Services provides a variety of testing to help drive IoT transformation—from functional testing to business intelligence and analytics, to security testing. Testing in this way ensures seamless transformation, enabled through connectivity.

About the whitepaper

The Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled significant new enhancements to the way individuals use and interact with products and devices of all kinds. And with the advent of smart, connected products, IoT is on the brink of a great expansion that will impact every aspect of consumers’ lives.

Click Here to download the whitepaper, and learn how Dell helped a dairy farm leverage the IoT to improve the management of their livestock.

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Topics in this article