Simplify recovery with a comprehensive solution

    • Protect your critical data in an isolated vault managed by Dell

      Increase your cyber resilience with a Dell-managed cyber recovery solution including the hardware, software and services you need to protect your critical data – all in one convenient subscription. 

      Feel confident in your recovery from cyberattacks with Dell APEX Cyber Recovery Services. Our as-a-Service solution simplifies recovery while freeing you from operational burdens so that you can focus your scarce security talent on strategic business concerns. 

      Rely on Dell’s experience in managing cyber recovery solutions with more than 1,100 deployed vaults globally.

    • Recovery with Confidence

      The proliferation of destructive cyberattacks means organizations must put in place a strategy to optimize recovery from an attack. Dell Technologies works with your security and IT teams to determine the data protection policy and recovery strategy best aligned to your needs. With vault operations managed as-a-Service, you gain confidence in your ability to recover critical data and resume normal business operations.

    • Best practices included with Dell APEX Cyber Recovery Services

      Simplify cyber recovery operations with a secure Dell-managed vault, backed by data protection expertise and years of experience with cyber recovery vaults:

      • Identify data to protect
      • Isolate critical data from production networks
      • Scan vault contents for anomalies
      • Simplify recovery operations

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      Professional Services for Cyber Recovery

      Extend the value of your Dell APEX solution.

    • Blog: Dell APEX Cyber Recovery Services

      Mind the Gap: Protect against ransomware with Dell APEX Cyber Recovery Services.

    • PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

      Securely backup  business critical data to an isolated vault  environment via an operational air gap.

    • Achieve Business Resiliency

      Explore Dell Technologies Business Resiliency Services.

    • Offer not available in all locations. Please contact your Dell Sales Representative for more information.