• Data Security

    We know protecting your data is a priority. Here’s how we can help.

    • Personal products

      You should always secure, backup and remove any data stored on a device before recycling it. You are responsible for all confidential data stored on the products. Please be sure to:

      • Back up your data to cloud services or removable storage devices.
      • Remove any media, such CDs and USB drives.
      • Delete the data on the hard disk drives and any other storage devices in the products.

      If you need to recover a forgotten password, we advise reviewing manufacturer’s instructions or seeking professional assistance.

      Dell Migrate makes it easy to move data, files, and personal settings from your old PC to a new one before you recycle.

    • Business equipment

      Your company’s sensitive information and brand reputation are safe with our strict data sanitization methods. To help protect you and your business, we offer data sanitization services for select programs whereby we:

      • Sanitize devices in strict alignment with the NIST standards.
      • Physically destroy drives that fail data sanitization.
      • Can sanitize devices and shred hard drives at your location for an extra level of security.
      • Vigorously vet, audit and hold our partners accountable to data security and environmental compliance standards.
      • Provide a detailed status report on the data sanitization and outcome of each retired system.
      • Ensure that all recycling meets local regulatory guidelines.

      For more information about how we safeguard your data and important information, visit media sanitization of data storage devices.

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