• Identity & Endpoint Protection with Microsoft Zero Trust

    • Identity & Endpoint Protection with Microsoft Zero Trust helps secure your digital workplace with a trusted methodology that doesn’t interfere with productivity

      Leveraging Dell’s security expertise along with best-in-class Microsoft tools, we’ll assess gaps in your security posture and create a roadmap to Zero Trust adoption, prioritizing investments to accelerate time-to-value and maximize organizational impact. Tools and technology are only a part of picture, so we also equip your end users and IT professionals with a Zero Trust mindset and ongoing, expert vigilance for a future-ready environment. 

    • Key benefits

      • Understand your current security posture to identify risks and gaps in framework alignment 
      • Improve security across your end users, devices, data and apps no matter when or where your employees work, and 
      • Enable your people with a security mindset while protecting your IT environment with ongoing vigilance 
    • What is Zero Trust?

      Zero Trust is a cybersecurity model that shifts how organizations approach security from reliance solely on perimeter defenses to a proactive strategy that allows only known-good activity across ecosystems and data pipelines.

      The Zero Trust model enforces trust across devices, users, networks, applications, infrastructure and data with automation and orchestration across the modern workplace stack and leverages analytics and visibility to provide insights.

      Zero Trust Guiding Principles:

      • Verify explicitly — always verify users, devices and network requests based on every available data point regardless of their location
      • Use least privileged access — limit user access to the resources they absolutely need for their current role and job functions
      • Assume breach — segment access, leverage end-to-end encryption, and continuously look for threats and ways to strengthen defenses
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