• Managed Security Awareness Training

    Managed Security Awareness Training

    • Infuse security into your organization’s culture

      Employees can be the weakest link in organizational cybersecurity, with negligence and lack of awareness accounting for nearly 50% of cyberattacks.1 Meanwhile, annual security training for employees is often not retained and can become a “check the box” exercise.
      Dell Managed Security Awareness Training provides year-round, customized security training for your employees in concise, easy-to-learn modules. Dell factors employee results, risk level and threat exposure to customize training at both the individual and team level. This keeps your employees informed and makes security awareness top of mind for them, reducing your chance of a cyberattack.

      • Managed Detection and Response Pro Plus

        Addressing top SecOps concerns with a fully-managed, 360⁰ solution comprised of cutting-edge services to reduce threat exposure, detect and respond to incidents, and recover your environment in the event of a breach. 

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        Identifying vulnerabilities in your IT environment, helping you prioritize your patching efforts

      • Managed Detection and Response

        Detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats across your IT environment




        Expertise and resources for quick recovery from a cyber attack




        Ensure your security controls and policies are working as planned with frequent simulations and an annual penetration test

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