• Modular Data Center

    This is how you take the edge

    • Break free from tradition and thrive

      Deploy technology at the edge or anywhere your data is generated with modularized, integrated racks, fully configured and ready to handle your IT needs now and for the long haul.

    • Intentionally sustainable

      Sustainability is at the heart of every design and engineering decision we make. From leveraging the latest cooling technologies to reducing overall data center costs, our focus is on the now and what's best for our customer and the planet.  

    • Success across industries

      Organizations of every size are driving transformation with our IT-centric approach.

    • Global cloud provider

      When the largest computer software maker in the world needed scalable growth from 10,000 to 1 million servers a year, we delivered. They achieved a high density, performant footprint and because we easily adapted to their architecture, the deployment was quick and seamless.

    • Financial services leader

      Waiting for a data center build-out wasn't going to work for one of the largest financial institutions in the US. The demand was high, and they needed to be faster to market. We designed highly resilient, permanent solutions situated in multiple locations. They gained transformative agility, sustainability and efficiency.

    • Multi-national auto group

      This world-renowned car manufacturer required more compute power closer to edge locations — we made it happen. With our Micro 815s, they quickly scaled to capture more drivetime data in more places. They gained the ability to adapt in the moment and make bigger bets on the future.


      On the cutting-edge of cool

      For those on the forefront of innovation,
      our cooling solutions ensure resilient
      performance regardless of workload.

    • Proprietary technology. Proven effectiveness.

      We have over 100 patents designed to support industry-leading rack power density, waste-heat energy reclamation and optimization of IT environments. Our solutions deliver consistent operational efficiency for long-lasting compute power so you can start strong and stay strong.

    • Flex

      Simplified shared infrastructure with large, connected IT space and the most configurable options.

      • Flexible scale-out: Configure IT space with choice of 5 to 100, 48RU racks supporting 5 to 115 kW per rack
      • Option to be delivered with pre-integrated IT with easy refresh of full racks
      • Field-expandable and great for footprint restricted sites
    • Click

      Easily expand your data center footprint with fully integrated, highly reliable, configurable MDCs.

      • Minimize site work with all-in-one design, inclusive of power, cooling and security
      • Configure IT space with choice of 5 to 20,
      • 48RU racks supporting 5 to 115 kW per rack
      • Supports DL to IT
      • Discrete sizes and capacities for scalable buildouts
    • Micro 415

      Rugged IP65-rated enclosure with 8kW integrated best-in-class cooling.

      • Industry-leading nominal cooling capacity designed with next generation IT in mind.
      • 8kW nominal cooling capacity
      • 17RU allocated for IT
      • IP65 / NEMA 4 Rated – Dust tight and weather hardened
      • Ready for the far edge: -40°C to 50°C external operating range
      • Maintains 10°C to 35°C internal operating range (ASHRAE A2)
    • Micro 815

      Single 48RU IT Rack solution with 10, 20, or 30kW integrated best-in-class power and cooling.

      • 48RU 600mm Rack with 40RU (typical) allocated for IT
      • 10/20/30kW Power and Cooling options
      • Ready for the far edge: -40°C to 50°C external operating range
      • UL Listed and CE Marked
      • Standard IT in Telco environments
    • Custom

      Need an MDC that’s designed to your needs? Talk to us about a custom-built solution.

      • Optimized for your exact needs
      • 24 Rack capacity
      • UL2755 Certification
      • Requires large order quantities or acceptance of other customer designs
    • * Human model for size reference only

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