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    • With such a tremendous and overwhelming influx of data, it is vital for organizations to collect, store, and use data securely, efficiently and cost-effectively. It is critical to be business-ready faster, accelerating data movement across the hybrid, multicloud landscape - turning insights into actions and driving speedy outcomes.

      Today we have zettabytes of data at our fingertips every second, but also intelligent compute infrastructure, software and algorithms to rapidly turn that data into meaningful insights. Organizations need to seize the opportunity, with timely access to high-quality, trusted data to fuel the individualized experiences for their customers, innovate smarter products and develop entirely new data-driven business models that will be the foundation of their success.

    • 175 ZB

      of digital data will be created worldwide by 2025, with 30% of data processed in real time1

    • +50%

      More than 50% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside the data center or cloud by 20222

    • Teradata Solutions powered by Dell Technologies

      Advanced analytics and data management with the flexibility of the cloud and the security of on-premises

    • Where are you in your data management journey?

      The next-generation data management journey enables organizations to unlock data's economic value and drive business transformation. Take a walk through this interactive journey to help unlock the potential in your own data.

    • Better data management leads to better outcomes

    • Customer stories

      Learn how these organizations analyze growing data streams to extract insights, spot patterns or identify trends.

    • A harvest full of insights

      Using modern imaging, big data and machine learning, AeroFarms is turning everything about a plant into data, which allows them to expand traditional growing seasons.

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      Learn how Banco Next creates a digital bank in 18 months by transforming the way people relate to their money and providing a cutting edge digital banking experience.