McLaren Group

    • Driven to innovate on the track and beyond

      From racing and sports car manufacturing to developing world-changing technologies, McLaren Group works in some of the most competitive industries in the world. McLaren Racing relies on Dell Technologies to simulate and perfect the car’s aerodynamics and together, we’re not stopping at the checkered flag, we’re pushing the boundaries of human-machine performance.

    • Making the fastest cars, faster

      In Formula 1, raw power is only part of what makes the cars so fast. Aerodynamics often plays the biggest role in determining the outcome of a race. McLaren Racing stays ready with high performance computing (HPC) from Dell Technologies that helps them rapidly study, test and prototype aerodynamic changes to the car.

    • We're now much more agile, we pivot quickly and we deliver benefits in a much more seamless way.

      CHRIS HICKS, Chief Information Officer, McLAREN GROUP

    • Shifting remote work into high gear

      What a race team needs to connect and collaborate from anywhere is very different from a high-performance vehicle manufacturer. McLaren relies on Dell Technologies to power all 4,000 employees to work from anywhere with the right tools as they pursue their next victory.

    • Play a video about how McLaren uses IT to empower its global team.

      Peak, proactive performance

      To power critical business applications and data analysis solutions, McLaren Group relies on its IT to support the growth and speed of innovation.

    • How data drives racing

      Go inside the data that powers McLaren Racing and how it uses IT to innovate as fast as possible.

    • Read a blog post about how McLaren Racing uses data from its F1 racecar.

      The 220+ MPH Edge device

      Explore what it takes to stream 100,000 data points per second from the fastest edge device on the planet — a Formula One car.

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    • Customer: McLaren Group
      Industry: Manufacturing
      Location: United Kingdom

      • Integrations

      • High Performance Computing
        Execute highly complex and compute-intensive tasks in real-time with high performance computing infrastructure.

      • PowerEdge Servers
        Power workloads with servers designed with performance, effortless management and integrated security.

      • Data Storage Solution
        Learn how modern workload solutions powered by data storage products drive business success.

      • Dell Latitude Laptops
        Empower your people with secure, manageable and durable business laptops.

      • Dell Precision Workstations
        Explore high-powered devices and fully customizable mobile workstations.

    • McLaren Substitute Teacher series

      See how McLaren Racing and Dell Technologies brought together its best and brightest to teach kids about the analytics, physics, speed, health and technology that comes together to make F1 happen.

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    • McLaren Group participates in the Dell Technologies Customer Advocacy Program.