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    • Reduce the cost and complexity of archiving with Dell Technologies

    • Archiving inactive data is a necessary and important part of managing business information, but the task has become increasingly complicated and expensive in recent years. Data volumes continue to grow exponentially, increasing the cost of secondary storage for archiving in addition to the cost of primary storage. Regulatory environments are constantly evolving and becoming ever more stringent, adding complexity to archiving and long-term retention. And IT teams face increasing pressure to contain costs and “do more with less” when it comes to archiving business information.

      Dell Technologies provides backup software and hardware solutions that can simplify archiving tasks, reducing the cost and minimizing the complexity of data archiving for organizations of every size.

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    • Overcoming the obstacles to cost-efficient archiving

    • Organizations looking for ways to minimize the cost of archiving must choose solutions that can solve the many challenges of data protection today.

      • The cost of archiving can quickly spiral out of control. The exponential growth of data not only increases the cost of storage, but the cost of WAN bandwidth required for backup as well. And increasing complexity often means IT teams must commit more resources to manage archiving and retention.
      • Security threats to data continue to proliferate. From malware and ransomware to malicious attacks, insider threats, hardware malfunction and human error, IT teams must have plans for combating a constant barrage of threats to data security when archiving information.
      • The need for access to archived data can easily overwhelm IT teams with requests for help in finding specific data. Having self-help tools that allow users to search and retrieve the information they need can minimize the burden on IT.
      • Regulatory requirements for retaining, protecting and producing data add another level of complexity to data retention. The right archiving tool should help to automate archiving with policy-based retention that streamlines compliance.

    • Archiving technology from Dell Technologies

    • As a global leader in data protection technology, Dell provides an industry-leading archiving solution. The archiving software enables IT teams to efficiently capture, index, store, manage, retrieve and dispose of structured and unstructured data according to retention requirements. Seamlessly archiving content from email systems, file systems and Microsoft SharePoint, helping you reduce IT, labor and operational costs while meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

    • Long-term retention with Dell Technologies

    • In addition to archiving, Dell provides a best-of-breed solution for long-term cloud retention in Dell Cloud Tier. Using advanced deduplication technology that significantly reduces storage footprints, Cloud Tier natively tiers data to public, private or hybrid cloud for long-term retention. Only unique data is sent to the cloud and data lands on the cloud object storage already deduplicated. Cloud Tier supports a broad ecosystem of backup and enterprise applications and a variety of public and private clouds.

      Cloud Tier enables:

      • Cost-effective, long-term retention in the cloud.
      • Simple, native cloud tiering with no external appliance or cloud gateway required.
      • More efficient transfer of data to and from the cloud, using less bandwidth, thanks to source side deduplication.
      • Effective and efficient management of capacity across on-premises and cloud storage, optimizing and reducing the overall cost of storage.

    • Advantages of Dell archiving solutions

    • With Dell data protection technology, IT teams can:

      • Simplify management with centralized tools for archiving to on-premises servers and virtualized environments.
      • Cut the cost of storage by optimizing storage tiers to maximize performance and moving inactive data to less costly storage media.
      • Minimize the cost of eDiscovery with tools that let users manage their own access to archived data.
      • Effortlessly and automatically enforce data archiving and retention policies to simplify and improve compliance.
      • Eliminate duplicated, scattered PST files and reduce the size of user mailboxes to improve server performance and reduce risk.
      • Improve application performance by consistently archiving inactive content.

    • FAQs: What is archiving, and other questions

    • What is archiving?

      Archiving is the task of moving inactive data from more expensive primary storage to less expensive secondary storage where it can be retained according to corporate policy and compliance requirements. Archived data is typically information that must be retained for historical purposes, future reference or for compliance with regulations.

      What are the benefits of archiving?

      Superior archiving solutions allow organizations to:

      • Ensure compliance with regulatory environments.
      • Improve the performance of email systems by reducing the size of PST files.
      • Improve application performance by moving inactive data to long-term retention.
      • Reduce storage costs by moving seldom-used data to high-capacity, low-performance storage media that is less costly than primary storage.

      What’s the difference between archiving and backup?

      Data backup provides protection by copying certain data to another location, on-site or off-site, where it can be accessed in the event that primary data is corrupted, lost, compromised or stolen. Data archiving is more concerned with retaining certain data for specific periods of time to provide important information, historical context or compliance with regulatory frameworks.

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