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Dell Rewards

How does Dell Rewards work?

Sign up for Dell Rewards for free, or if already a member sign-in to your My Account to unlock fantastic perks and get valuable rewards to shop the tech you love.

Get rewarded

  • Earn points on qualifying purchases
  • Engage with Dell Rewards and earn points for activities such as logging in, playing games and filling out your profile


  • Convert points to Dell Cash to use on your purchases (Minimum balance of £100 required after Rewards’)
  • Visit the Rewards Store to redeem points for special member-only offers

How to earn points?

There are many ways Dell Rewards members can earn and redeem points toward future purchases or chances to win prizes instantly.

Member exclusive offers and extra perks



Dell Rewards is a free way to unlock fantastic perks and get valuable rewards for using to shop the tech you love. Joining Dell Rewards lets you earn points on Dell purchases which can be redeemed for money-off your next great Dell purchase. Money-off will be in the form of discount coupons called 'Dell Cash'. Dell Cash can only be applied against future purchases with a total minimum balance value of £100 after Rewards are applied. Earn points easily by buying products at or by visiting the Dell Rewards Store and playing fun instant-win games for a chance at points and prizes. You can even earn points just for simple Dell Rewards activities like filling out your profile. Plus, you get member-only offers for extra savings.

"Becoming a Dell Rewards member is easy!
-Visit, click “register now” to create a new My Account, and check the box to register for Dell Rewards, or
-Tell your phone or chat rep that you would like to join.

Already have a My Account? Simply click ""join for free"" in the Dell Rewards box located in the upper right corner on the My Account homepage to opt in to the Dell Rewards program when you’re logged in - you’ll receive a welcome email to confirm your membership. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder."

There is no fee to join and no ongoing membership fee.

No, but members use My Account to track rewards. For customers who don’t have a My Account, an account will be created with registration. For customers who already have a My Account, Dell Rewards registration and benefits are available through your My Account.

Simply log in to your Dell My Account and you'll earn points on qualifying purchases from Dell, plus any extra points offered for participating in activities in the Dell Rewards program, such as filling out your profile and visiting My Account. Offline purchases are also elibigle to earn points; just make sure you use the same email address that you used to register for Dell Rewards.

We make every effort to quickly post your points to your 'MyAccount'. Typically this happens within 30 business days after your order's ship date. During peak seasonal periods, please allow for an additional 5-10 business days or longer for points to post. If you feel you're missing points for any order placed, please visit the Dell UK Order Support website at Points you earn cannot be redeemed the same day you make your initial purchase.

You need to have earned a minimum of 1,500 points in order to convert these to £15 Dell Cash. Dell Cash is issued in £15 increments.

You can earn a maximum of 187,500 points in a 3-month period.

You can convert points to Dell Cash and apply that to your purchase directly from your cart if you are logged in to Dell MyAccount. Or you can access the Dell Rewards Store (via Dell MyAccount and then the Dell Rewards tab). There, you can redeem your points online for Dell Cash or opt to call in to use your points. Points can be redeemed for Dell Cash in £15 increments.

Yes, you may access member-only benefits in the “Benefits” section of MyAccount>Dell Rewards as well as via Dell Rewards email communications. No points required; please enjoy benefits just for being a member. For Dell benefits, simply copy and paste the coupon code at checkout. For Partner benefits, complete the checkout process through the Partner website.

There's a lot of payment flexibility, and Dell Rewards members earn points with most payment methods for purchases including PayPal Credit on However, there are three payment methods ineligible to earn Dell Rewards points: 1) Promo eGift Cards, 2) any balance paid with redeemed Dell Cash, and 3) any portion of a transaction paid with a member offer. Multiple payment methods may be used for one purchase, but you will only earn Rewards on the amount of the balance paid with an eligible payment method. Additionally, exchange and concession orders may not be eligible.

Your points are calculated pre-tax

To use your Dell Cash for a purchase amount greater than your available balance, you may pay the remaining amount with any credit card accepted by Dell.

No. Dell Outlet orders are not eligible to earn points.

Certain third-party products are not eligible to earn points. Eligible third-party products will show the Dell Rewards points that can be earned if purchased.

Absolutely! Just let your rep know that you're a Dell Rewards member. For offline purchases, the order must be placed using the same email as your Dell Rewards account.

Once points post in your Dell MyAccount, you may redeem them for Dell Cash. Points and Dell Cash each have a different expiration date. Points will expire on the 15th of the month following the 90-day period your points are active. For example, if you earned points on 1-10-22, the 90-day active period lasts through 30-12-22 but the points will actually not expire until 15-1-23. Another example: if you earned points on 20-10-22, the 90-day active period will fall after 15-1-23 so your points won't actually expire until the 15th of the next month (15-2-23). Dell Cash (what you redeem points for in the Rewards Store) will expire 90 days after redemption. For example, if you redeem points for £15 Dell Cash on 20-10-22, your Dell Cash will expire on 18-1-23 (90 days after the redemption date).

Yes, Dell Cash is issued in £15 increments. For example, if you redeem 1500 points, you will receive £15 Dell Cash. If you redeem 4500 points, you will receive £45 Dell Cash.

You're in good shape. If you only use a portion of your Dell Cash amount, the remainder is still available to use on another exciting Dell purchase until the expiration date of your remaining Dell Cash balance.


Yes, just let your rep know you have Dell Rewards points you would like to convert to Dell Cash.

The offer is contingent upon the purchase of an eligible product. Points earned are not valid if an eligible product is returned for a refund. If an eligible product is returned for a refund after the points have been redeemed, the redeemed amount will be deducted from the points balance, even if this creates a negative balance. Terms and conditions apply.

Occasionally, your welcome email will fall into your junk or spam folders. Be sure to check the inbox of the email address you used to register with Dell Rewards.

At, select “My Account.” Then select “Forgot my password” from the drop-down menu. Insert the email address you used to create your My Account and register for Dell Rewards and click “Reset Password.” You will receive a prompt to reset your password via email.

When registering for Dell Rewards, you can choose not to receive special offer emails. Or, if you are currently receiving special offer emails, you can select "unsubscribe" at the bottom of your current emails. Please note that you will continue to receive emails about your point balances and other information relating to your membership in the Dell Rewards program, and these emails may contain special offers and promotions.

While signed onto your My Account at, you can select “customer information” under “My Account Settings” to update your Dell Rewards account preferences.

Due to program and currency variations, having an account in multiple countries is not possible. Please enroll in the country in which you reside.

In order to remove yourself from the program, please call UK Customer Service 0800-587-1456 between 9AM to 5PM GMT. Please note that deactivating your account will prevent you from earning future Dell Rewards points, and accessing member-only offers and benefits.

The Dell Rewards points are earned on each individual order, so registering multiple email addresses won’t allow duplicate points.

No. Dell Rewards accounts are unique to individual email addresses and cannot be combined or transferred. To redeem points earned by multiple accounts, individual account information can be entered at checkout, and a maximum of three forms of payment is allowed for any given order. Dell reserves the right to reject requests for consolidation of any Dell promotional codes or rewards at its own discretion for any reason.

No. Dell Rewards points and other program benefits will only apply to purchases placed at the time of or after program enrollment.




Please check the Dell Rewards tab after logging in to Dell MyAccount.

This is a terrific benefit where members can get personalized offers based on their interests or past purchases. These are limited-time offers where members can redeem points and get a better savings percentage off than regular visitors. Nice!

Game on! In your Dell Rewards account, you can access exclusive games and play to win points or instant prizes.

Earn points just by interacting with the Dell Rewards program for simple activities. Even easy things like logging into your account and filling out your profile can get you some quick points.

Rewards earned prior to the day our new Dell Rewards program launched retain their current expiration date (up to one year). At program launch, any current points in your account were converted to the new issuance rate (e.g., if you previously had 400 points in your account, those were converted to 1200 points at the launch of the new program). Also at program launch, any valid coupons tied to your account were converted back into points at the new issuance rate and experation date.

Live customer service support is available Monday – Friday. Please visit the Dell UK Order Support website at Services include, but are not limited to:

-Balance inquiries
-Transaction history
-Gift card/reward replacement or lost/stolen cards with proof of purchase
-Disputed transactions
-Problems with voids and supplemental payment
-Gift card/reward declines
-Prepaid gift card consolidation

If you still have questions after reviewing our FAQs, please visit the Dell UK Order Support website at

Terms & Conditions

Dell Rewards Program Terms

These Dell Rewards terms (the “Terms”) are between you and Dell Corporation Limited, 1st & 2nd First Floor, One Creechurch Place, London EC3A 5AF (“Dell”) govern your participation in the Dell Rewards loyalty program (the “Program”) and set forth all rights, requirements, rules and conditions of your membership and participation in the Program. These Terms are in addition to any other Dell terms that you agree to in connection with your Dell purchases or use of other Dell services. By registering for and participating in the Program, you agree to these Terms, which Dell may update from time to time without prior notice. Dell reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Program at any time and for any reason and will use reasonable efforts to provide advance notice of any material changes to the Program via the Dell My Account and email.

Eligibility and Participation Requirements

The Dell Rewards Program and associated benefits are available only to individuals who meet the criteria for Program membership as defined by Dell in its sole discretion. To qualify for the Program and Program benefits, you must be a Consumer, defined as an individual customer purchasing for personal or household use, or a representative of a Small Business, defined as a commercial entity with up to ninety-nine (99) employees. The following categories are ineligible for Program membership:

  1. Minors, as defined by applicable law in your jurisdiction of residence;
  2. Entities with more than 99 employees;
  3. Public customers;
  4. Resellers.

If Dell determines that you fall into one of the above categories or that you have otherwise violated these Terms, your membership may be immediately terminated, and you will not receive any benefits or rewards related to the Program. If Dell cancels your membership due to a violation of these Terms or other actual or reasonably suspected misconduct, Dell reserves the right to invalidate any Program benefits earned prior to termination. Dell further reserves the right to deny membership to any individual Consumer or Small Business for any reason.

To obtain the benefits of the Program, you must maintain a Dell My Account. There is no charge to establish a My Account. If you don’t already have a My Account, an account will be created for you when you register for the Program. Your Dell My Account is where you will receive information about your rewards, including your current rewards balance and rewards expirations dates and other information, including Program updates and opportunities to redeem rewards. Your My Account must remain updated with a valid email address, and you acknowledge that Dell may communicate with you regarding updates to the Program and your rewards. You acknowledge that all data provided in connection with your My Account and the Program will be collected and used in accordance with Dell’s Privacy Statement. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your My Account and My Account password.

Earning Rewards Points

As a member of the Program, you are eligible to earn rewards in a variety of ways, including by shopping directly with Dell on or via phone with a Dell representative at 0-800-085-4878, engaging with select Dell content, and other methods that may be communicated by Dell from time to time. Rewards are issued in the form of Points (“Rewards Points” or “Points”) which are deposited into your My Account, typically within 30 days of being earned or when your order ships.

You can receive up to 3% of the Dell product purchase price in Rewards Points per transaction for purchases made in the UK online Dell Store at

Rewards Points earned are cumulative and once you reach 1,500 available Rewards Points, your Rewards Points can be converted into Dell Cash. Dell Cash represents discount coupons which can be applied against future purchases on with a total minimum balance value of £100 after Rewards are applied (excluding Dell Outlet purchases and select third-party products). For every 1,500 Rewards Points earned, you will be eligible for £15 Dell Cash. Dell Cash is issued in £15 increments. Total amount of Rewards Points that can be earned within a 3-month period shall not exceed 187,500. Rewards Points can be earned in the following ways:

  1. Purchases from Dell.
    Points can be earned on most purchases directly from Dell (excluding Dell Outlet purchases, select third party products and other exclusions as determined and communicated by Dell). The total number of Points available per product purchased varies. The number of Points that can be earned per product and total Points available per order total will be displayed on shop pages and in cart and checkout. Not all products are eligible for Rewards Points, and some products may earn more points than others.
  2. Engagement with Dell.
    Points can also be earned through various methods of engagement with selected Dell content, such as logging in to your MyAccount, responding to Dell surveys or opting-in to Dell marketing communications. Dell may place limits on the number of times you may earn Points for such engagement per month (e.g., Members only earn Points for one My Account login per month).

Certain orders are not eligible for Rewards Points, including but not limited to those placed by resellers, third parties, or as the result of fraud. Outlet purchases do not qualify for Rewards Points. Dell reserves the right to add, modify or discontinue any Rewards Points earning opportunities any time in its sole discretion.

Rewards Points Expiration

Rewards Points expire on the 15th of the fourth month following the month in which they are earned. For example, any points earned in January will expire on May 15 of the same year. Dell will send you monthly notices reminding you of your Points that are expiring. However, it is your responsibility to keep track of your Rewards Points expiration dates.

Month of Purchase / Point Issuance Date of Expiry
MAY 15

Redeeming Rewards Points

Members must redeem Rewards Points in the Dell Rewards Store, in their shopping cart (if logged in to Dell My Account) or with a Dell sales representative before the applicable expiration date in order to receive Dell Cash. Once issued, Dell Cash will expire on the 15th of the fourth month following the month in which it was issued. Rewards Points and Dell Cash can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Future Purchases. Dell Cash can be used towards purchases on (excluding Dell Outlet purchases and select third-party products).
  • Special Offers. Dell may offer members the opportunity to redeem Points for special offers on specific products, including from Dell partners. These offers may be offered to all members or to select members based on expressed interests or level of engagement in the Program. Such offers will be subject to terms and limitations communicated with the offer.
  • Games. Dell may also offer the opportunity to use Points to play games, including for a chance to win prizes.

Rewards Points and Dell Cash are issued on a promotional basis as part of the Program and have no cash value. They cannot be purchased and cannot be redeemed, in whole or in part, for actual money, transferred to third parties or combined with any third-party Rewards Points. Rewards Points and Dell Cash can be used in conjunction with other Dell promotions.

Additional Program Benefits

In addition to being eligible for Rewards Points, Program members may receive access to special offers (conditions may apply) and other benefits from time to time, such as events, exclusive content, and exclusive discounts. These may be limited time offers and/or targeted based on your expressed interests or level of engagement in the Program.

Membership Cancellation

To cancel your membership, please call 0800-587-1456 or contact your sales agent. Please note that deactivating your account will prevent you from earning future Rewards Points and remove access to other Program benefits.

Limitation of Liability

In no event will Dell be liable for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental or punitive damages, including lost profits, even if Dell has been advised of the possibility of such damages. YOU AGREE THAT DELL’S LIABILITY IN ANY DISPUTE WILL BE CAPPED AT THE TOTAL AMOUNT YOU SPENT ON ELIGIBLE DELL ORDERS AS A PROGRAM MEMBER IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS.


  • These Terms do not create any legal relationship between you and Dell.
  • Dell’s failure to enforce a right does not mean that Dell has waived that right.
  • Dell may assign its rights under these Terms, but you may not do so.
  • These Terms, in addition to any other Dell terms you agree to in connection with your purchases or offers you accept, comprise the entire agreement between Dell and you about your participation in the Program.
  • In the event of return of a product purchased using Rewards Points (via cancellation or refund), the Rewards Points will no longer be valid, and the respective value may not be re-applied to another order. Returned purchases will be refunded according to the purchase price paid less the value of the Rewards Points originally applied against the purchase.
  • Dell is not responsible or liable for any technical, hardware, software, server, website, or other failures outside our control that prevents you from participating in the Program.
  • Dell is not responsible or liable for any technical or other failures which result in additional Rewards Points being added to your My Account in error, and Dell shall have the right to remove such Rewards Points from your My Account at any time and without notice. In the event, any purchases are made using such Rewards Points, Dell shall not be liable to honour such purchases.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Program and these Terms will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England, and each party irrevocably agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in relation to all claims arising out of or in connection with this Program and these Program Terms.

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