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    PowerEdge Energy Smart 4020S/4620S Rack Enclosures

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    PowerEdge Energy Smart 4020S/4620S Rack Enclosures
    Energy Smart Rack - Built-in containment

    Built-in containment

    Help lower your data center expenses through efficient cold air distribution with the Dell™ PowerEdge™ Energy Smart Containment Rack Enclosure. It offers integrated containment at the rack, providing uniform cooling for IT equipment in raised floor deployments.


    The Energy Smart Rack’s passive cold air distribution system helps:


    • Prevent computer-room AC (CRAC) over-provisioning
    • Make sure cold air reaches all IT equipment
    • Eliminate hot and cold air mixing
    • Remove data center hot spots


    As a result, Energy Smart Racks can help optimize CRAC capacity for efficient enterprises by efficiently directing the right amount of cold air directly to the IT equipment and helping optimize CRAC utilization.
    Energy Smart Rack - Simple, cost-effective deployment

    Simple, cost-effective deployment

    Imagine your raised floor data center without curtains or dividers, cross-aisle containment panels or even a traditional hot aisle/cold aisle containment layout at all. Energy Smart Racks enable you to:


    • Install rack enclosures one at a time instead of setting up whole pods for aisle containment
    • Position each rack directly above a well-ventilated tile to capture cold air directly into a controlled flow environment within the rack enclosure
    • Deploy fewer racks since you can increase the density of IT equipment installed in each one
    • Build out your data center without impacting facilities such as on-site fire-suppression systems


    In addition, the Energy Smart Rack design uses the standard Dell rack frame in standard 42U and 48U heights (40U and 46U of useable internal space, respectively). The 600mm x 1200mm footprint fits on two standard floor tiles. No on-site assembly is required.

    Optimal cold-air distribution

    Each PowerEdge Energy Smart 4020S (40U) or 4620S (46U) Rack is built to support the right amount of cold air distribution for the IT equipment installed in that specific rack, independent of other racks in the data center.
    Energy Smart Rack - Passive air management
    Passive air management
    Airflow is pulled as needed through the ventilated floor tile by IT equipment fans, helping prevent CRAC overprovisioning. Brushes added to the lower edges help create a tight seal with the floor.
    Energy Smart Rack - Innovative front plenum design
    Innovative front plenum design
    A solid panel front door and front extension create a channel that funnels cold air vertically to all IT equipment. Blanking panels in unused rack unit spaces help prevent wasted cooling.
    Energy Smart Rack - Self-contained cooling
    Self-contained cooling
    The horizontal plenum at 2U height (hence 40U and 46U useable space) creates a floor level air channel that directs cold air to the front air channel. Airflow exits the rack through the perforated rear door.
    Energy Smart Rack - Supports high-density deployments

    Supports high-density deployments

    Help save space and expenses while expanding your high-density data center. Energy Smart Racks can help you:


    • Decrease the number of racks needed, because efficient cold air distribution enables the installation of up to 32kW of IT equipment at 25°C in each Energy Smart Rack
    • Avoid buying even numbers of racks that might sit unused in order to fill rows in cold aisle containment pods
    • Forestall the expense of additional CRAC units by consuming only the air required by the IT equipment
    • Prevent the need for water or refrigerant for cooling within the rack


    Overall, the Energy Smart Rack’s passive air management helps allow your CRAC system to move less air through the floor and directly into the racks instead of over-provisioning air into the whole room.

    Infrastructure for the efficient enterprise

    Help further improve power management, enhance airflow and ease component mounting with optional Dell accessories, such as a rack fan, an equipment shelf and a 1U KMM (keyboard/monitor/mouse) console.
    Energy Smart Rack - Power management
    Power management
    An extensive portfolio of Dell power distribution units (PDUs) and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) can be mixed and matched to meet your exact requirements.
    Energy Smart Rack - Blanking panels
    Blanking panels
    These can be used to help ensure proper airflow in the rack and enhance cooling efficiency. Plastic panels snap in place while steel panels are attached with screws.
    Energy Smart Rack - Toolless installation
    Toolless installation
    Servers and other components can be installed quickly and easily with the Dell ReadyRails mounting interface for sliding and static rail kits.
    Complement your Dell rack enclosure with a selection of optional rack accessories, including cable management, cooling/airflow management and other products.


    Cable management


    Dell provides several options for cable management that can be used separately or together, depending on your specific needs.


    The vertical cable manager (VCM) can be installed in the rear power distribution unit (PDU) tray of the Dell PowerEdge™ xx20 racks (or many third-party racks that use the same button-mount keyhole spacing), occupying the width of a single vertical PDU. The VCM kit also has alternate mounting holes and ships with screws to allow installation along the rear EIA-standard posts in the 750 mm wide Dell rack enclosures.


    The VCM has two 18U sections, which allows you to easily place it in various locations within the PDU tray, wherever you need it, even in a 24U rack. The VCM finger spacing correlates to the rack U spacing, and the metal cover snaps into place on the fingers to contain and conceal your cables.


    The horizontal crossover panels, also called lacing bars, are compliant to the EIA-310 specification and are available in two heights, 1U and 2U. They have several types of attachment point options, including mounting locations for metal cable rings, hook-and-loop straps with a twist connector and other accessories that use the rectangular twist connectors, such as claw hooks. The accessories can be mounted to either side of the crossover panel, which can be installed in the front or back of any EIA-310 compliant rack.


    The metal cable rings can be installed in the PDU trays in the Dell rack or attached to the horizontal crossover panels. Six of these rings are provided with the hardware kit shipped in each Dell rack and this kit of 10 rings provides additional cable management support within the rack.


    A separate kit of 10 hook-and-loop straps with twist connectors provides a quick and easy way to secure cables snugly against the sides of the rack. These straps can also be connected to the horizontal crossover panels to tightly bundle cables crossing from one side of the rack to the other.


    Cooling/airflow management


    Dell offers closeout filler panels, also called blanking panels, in a variety of sizes and materials to fit in the Dell PowerEdge racks as well as other EIA-310 compliant racks. Closeout filler panels are attached to the front of unused rack space and are designed to improve air flow to the installed equipment and reduce hot air recirculation to the front of the rack. Using closeout filler panels helps implement data center best practices that can lead to an important common goal: creating the coldest possible intake temperature with the highest possible volume of chilled air plus the warmest possible exhaust temperature.


    Plastic closeout filler panels are available in 1U and 2U sizes and provide quick and tool-less snap-in installation for square-hole racks.


    Steel closeout filler panels provide support for more types of racks, with tooled installation for square, round or threaded holes. Multiple sizes are available in 1U, 2U, 3U or 6U increments to optimize your coverage. For threaded-hole racks, hardware with #10–32 threads is provided.
     Panel OptionsPlastic Steel
     Single pack 1U, 2U 1U, 2U, 3U, 6U
     10 pack 1U, 2U 1U, 2U
     100 pack 1U -
     Square hole Yes Yes
     Round hole - Yes
     Threaded hole - Yes

    Rack fans can be mounted on the top of the Dell 4 x 20 racks to help move air through the perforated canopy. Regional models are available for 120V, 208V and 230V operation.

    Additional accessories

    The 1U fixed-equipment shelf provides multiple options for rail attachment in a variety of 4- and 2-post racks, supporting a loaded weight capacity of 200 pounds (90.7 kg). The heavy-duty steel shelf also includes slots to facilitate cable management and two hook-and-loop straps to secure cables.

    Interconnect kits (also referred to as baying or ganging kits) allow you to connect two Dell racks of the same height. It is possible to connect racks of different depths, in addition to connecting PowerEdge xx20 racks to the previous generation of xx10 racks.

    Grounding kits provide a set of wires and fasteners to bond the rack’s removable components to the frame for a common ground. Dell rack enclosures offer a bonding point (or grounding stud) on each of the doors, sides and other removable components, and all bonding points on the enclosure should be connected to the rack frame. The wires provided with grounding kits are sized and labeled to fit with specific components — refer to the instructions for proper connection.
    Drivers, Manuals & Support

    Dell Support

    From drivers and manuals to diagnostic tools and replacement parts, Dell Product Support has you covered!