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    Frequently asked questions:

    Simply put, a server is typically a more powerful computer than your average desktop with better intelligence. It is specifically engineered to deliver information and software to other computers that are linked to it by a network.

    Servers are built to handle heavier workloads and more applications taking advantage of the specific hardware to increase productivity and reduce any downtime.

    Servers have the hardware to manage Ethernet-cabled or wireless networking, usually through a router.

    Servers also offer remote-management tools, which mean an IT person can check usage, and diagnose problems from another (even remote) location. That also means you can perform routine maintenance such as adding a new user or changing passwords for access.
    Investing in a server enables:

    Better Access - Your employees to share software tools and access company databases on- and off-site. You can better manage additional computers and software applications, as well as control access to employees and devices have to certain information.

    Greater Control - You to control access to sensitive information, such as financial records and personnel information, by storing it away from prying eyes. It allows you to better manage firewalls and virus protection, helping you prevent unwanted intrusions. Protection is especially important when you have a mobile workforce.

    Flexibility & scalability -
    You can easily add platforms, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software and accounting programs, which enable you to schedule group meetings, share information, and manage clients and vendors. They also allow your employees to send group emails and faxes and organize customer contacts and customer data in one location.
    Are you using two or more computers in your business?

    Do you have a mobile workforce?
    Businesses with a mobile workforce (employees who work from home or frequently travel) definitely need a server. Your employees can remotely connect to the company network and access information and resources, no matter where they are.

    Do your employees share documents between multiple computers?
    If so, you risk losing important files, not to mention having multiple versions of vital documents. Servers provide a centralized location to store and organize important documents.

    Can you afford to lose valuable files and data?
    Can it be replaced or restored? A server can help you get organized data and help protect your business from lost and corrupted files. You can back up information from your sever to a dedicated backup and recovery system.

    Do you need to share access to peripherals, such as printers and fax machines?
    Servers let your entire office have access to these peripherals. Plus, servers take the load off your local computer and put the jobs into queues to print or fax next in line.

    These are just some of the questions you can ask to start to understand when it’s time to invest in a server. There are more factors than just these – but we’ve outlined some questions and answers below to help see if it’s time for your business to invest in a server. If you’re still unsure and have more questions – we have technology advisors on hand to give free advice and guide you on what’s the right choice to make.

    You can call: 0800 085 4878 – or Chat with a Technology Advisor here.
    Choosing the right server solution starts with understanding how the server will be used.
    What type of applications will it be running?
    How critical are these functions to your company?

    Servers help keep your data secure, safe and organized - and will help you run your business more efficiently. Servers can provide your business with a single solution for:
    • Centralized Email management
    • Consolidated Internet connectivity
    • Internal Web site development
    • Remote access monitoring
    • Mobile device support
    • File and printer sharing
    • Backup and restore
    …to name just a few

    Our Dell Small Business Technology Advisors are here to help you make the right choice.
    You can call: 0800 085 4878 – or Chat with a Technology Advisor here.

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