Dell Internet of Things (IoT) 3000 Series Gateway

Dell Edge Gateway 3003

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  • processor

    Intel CPU E3815 1.46GHz (512KB L2 cache)

  • laptop

    Ubuntu Core 16 Linux OS

  • videocard

    CAN Bus Not Selected

  • memory

    2GB DDR3L - 1067MHz (Soldered)

  • harddrive

    8GB eMMC storage

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Finance for just £18.29/month¹
Subject to approval from Dell Financial Services²
Dell Edge Gateway 3003

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Intel CPU E3815 1.46GHz (512KB L2 cache)

Operating System

Win10 IoT Ent 2016 EMB 64bit Entry Edge Gateway 300X JAP-Requires Customer License Agreement(CLA)
+ £47.00
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB Entry
+ £42.00
Ubuntu Core 16 Linux OS
Included in price
Ubuntu Server 18.04
+ £2.00

Base Options

Dell Edge Gateway 3003, 32GB no WWAN
+ £17.09
BASE, Dell Edge Gateway 3003, no WWAN, Display Port, Audio In/Out (V2 D-1 CPU)
Included in price
BASE, Dell Edge Gateway 3003, 3G capable, card required, Display Port, Audio In (V2 D-1 CPU)
+ £71.00
BASE, Dell Edge Gateway 3003, 4G LTE capable, card required, Display Port, Audio In (V2 D-1 CPU)
+ £89.00


2GB DDR3L - 1067MHz (Soldered)

Mobile Broadband

No Mobile Broadband Card Selected

Hard Drive

8GB eMMC storage


Integrated Wifi/BLE/GPS


Antenna, Wifi/BLE/GPS for Edge Gateway 3000 series
Included in price

Storage Device and Recordable Media

Industrial Grade Micro-SD card, 8GB
+ £30.00
Industrial Grade Micro-SD card, 16GB
+ £43.00
Industrial Grade Micro-SD card, 32GB
+ £76.00
Industrial Grade Micro-SD card, 64GB
+ £168.00
CAN Bus Not Selected
Included in price


2Yr Collect and Return
+ £14.00
3Yr Collect and Return
+ £24.00
4Yr Collect and Return
+ £38.00
5Yr Collect and Return
+ £53.00
1Yr ProSupport and with Advanced Exchange
+ £49.00
2Yr ProSupport and with Advanced Exchange
+ £78.00
3Yr ProSupport and with Advanced Exchange
+ £98.00
4Yr ProSupport and with Advanced Exchange
+ £127.00
5Yr ProSupport and with Advanced Exchange
+ £156.00
1Yr Collect and Return Included - No Upgrade Selected
Included in price

Dell Services: Shipping Box Labels - Standard

Included in price
Shipbox Asset Label - Technical Details (service tag, model, memory, order no, drive sizes)
+ £12.67
Shipbox Label - Customer PO Details (Service Tag, PO Number, Model Name, Mac Address)
+ £12.67
Channel Shipbox Label (PO Number, Ship Date, Model, Processor Speed, HDD Size, RAM)
+ £12.67
No Additional Shipping Label Required
Disribution Details Shipbox Label (PO No., System Type, CPU Type, OS, HDD, RAM)
+ £4.22
The ship box label is a plain white label that contains useful additional information to route systems to end users. Applying a ship box label can reduce, if not eliminate, the need to remove the system from its shipping box prior to deployment. Barcode data allows systems to be scanned into hub services for record keeping and onward distribution.

Dell Services: System Asset Identification - Stand

Included in price
Not required
Asset Tag - MAC Address - Small (Service Tag, MAC Address)
+ £13.73
Dell offers a choice of Asset Tagging options on a standard silver vinyl label affixed to your system. Call us if you would like this customised with your company information.

Graphics Card

CAN Bus Not Selected

Also included in this system

The following options and default selections are included with your order.

TPM Enabled
Phoenix connector for power on Edge Gateway 3000 series
1Yr Collect and Return - Minimum Warranty
Warranty Support Documentation Not Selected
CAN Bus Not Selected
CAN Bus Not Selected
Quick Resource Locator System Label
Dell Edge Gateway 3003
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Finance for just £18.29/month¹
Subject to approval from Dell Financial Services²
Ships from factory in 366–374 business days
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Features and Design

Flexible operating systems

Choose from Ubuntu Core 16.0 and Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB – for easy management of your IoT platforms.
Dell Edge Gateway 3003 - Streaming streamlined

Streaming streamlined

The compact gateway supports video and audio with DisplayPort 1.1, and even enables light edge analytics in periods of lost connectivity. The 3003 model is embedded inside countless endpoints with multiple sensors within the following use cases.
  • Digital signage
  • Retail kiosks
  • Vending machine monitoring
  • Store media management
Dell Edge Gateway 3003 - Take control

Take control

Stream your media: DisplayPort 1.1 with up to 2560x1600@ 60Hz is perfect for both kiosks and digital signage. Whether it’s outdoors, under cabinets or in the middle of busy restaurant, the 3003 stands up to harsh environments with ease.

Power your work with ease: Experience an uninterrupted work flow with Intel Atom E3815, 2GB RAM, and 8GB eMMC (32GB w/WWAN).

Track your mobile assets: Integrated GPS, accelerometer and atmospheric pressure sensors enable efficient mobile use cases and geo-referenced asset management.

Stay connected: Connect via Ethernet (10/100), WWAN/Cellular, WLAN/Bluetooth LE/Wi-Fi, dual Ethernet and benefit from intuitive mesh networking.
Dell Edge Gateway 3003 - Take computing even further to the edge

Take computing even further to the edge

Goes where the machines are: Each machine has a small footprint, comes optimized for wall standard and DIN-rail mounting and cable routing. The perfect fit for tight kiosk spaces.

Perfect for the old and new: The gateway helps bridge existing and new protocols to make your applications run smoothly in the edge, fog, or cloud. Dell's growing IoT solution partners continue to provide the right ecosystem no matter what IoT tasks you're trying to perform.

Enable computing where you need it: The Edge Gateway 3003, together with analytics software from our partners, performs computing in the edge, in the fog and integrates with computing in the cloud or data center.

Manage your devices on the cloud: Thanks to optional EDM software, you can easily add remote device management for device-level security.

Stay cool under pressure
With an operating range of -30°C to 70°C, flexible mounting options, and the ability to withstand high/low temperatures and high shock and vibration, you can work without worry.
Dell Edge Gateway 3003 - Made for the way you work

Made for the way you work

Works together and separate: Work with other gateways in a tiered architecture to enable distributed computing in today’s harsh manufacturing, transportation and edge of network environments.

Remote access management: Embedded inside countless types of endpoints with multiple sensors, the 3003 gateway is ideal for digital signage, kiosks, ticket machines and more. Enabling light edge analytics even in periods of lost connectivity.

Get the attention: The 3003 model helps drive video and audio into tight spaces where you need it. Like an embedded PC, this gateway powers signage to get your message across with the ability to manage and secure it like an IT asset.

Know where everything is: Built on system-on-chip, single-core Intel® Atom™ processors, Dell Edge Gateways also feature BIOS verification and other hardware-level security to help ensure data safety and privacy. Gateway customers also benefit from Dell’s Tier One IT position with reliable quality, tech support options up to 5 years, 5 years lifecycle with support options up to 5 years, flexible supply chain and financing/leasing options.
Dell Edge Gateway 3003 - Ports & Slots

Ports & Slots

1. External intrusion switch input 2. DC In/Power connector with ignition/wake pin | 3. Status LEDs plus card slots for Micro-SIM and Micro-SD | 4. Fast Ethernet (RJ-45) with PoE |5. USB 3.0 port | 6. Display Port 1.1 | 7.Fast Ethernet (RJ-45) with PoE | 8. USB 2.0 | 9. Audio : 3.5 mm Line In | 10. Audio : 3.5 mm Line Out
Dell Edge Gateway 3003 - Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions & Weight

1. Height: 4.9" (125 mm) | 2. Width: 4.9" (125 mm) | 3. Depth: 2" (51 mm) | Starting Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)


Complete your experience with accessories designed to make the most of the Dell Edge Gateway 3003.
Dell Edge Gateway 3003 - Antennas


The Dell Edge Gateway 3000 series are pre-qualified with factory antennas from Dell to enable the integrated wireless functionality on every system.
Dell Edge Gateway 3003 - Mounting solutions

Mounting solutions

Flexible wall and DIN mounting options allow easy deployment in almost any environment and are tested to high standards of shock and vibration.
Dell Edge Gateway 3003 - Industrial storage expansion

Industrial storage expansion

The micro-SD slot allows for expansion of storage while still maintaining functionality in industrial temperatures.

We’ve got your Edge Gateway covered

Dell ProSupport

Dell ProSupport

Choose Dell ProSupport for 24x7 direct access to in-region engineers for advanced hardware and OS support. Comes with Onsite or Advanced Exchange.
Dell Deployment Services

Dell Deployment Services

Deployment services ensure your Edge Gateway is configured accurately and quickly by our highly skilled experts.
Configuration and Flexible Branding

Configuration and Flexible Branding

Dell Edge Gateways are OEM-ready, so talk to us about flexible branding options. With our Configuration Service, we can also configure PCs to your specifications, including custom BIOS settings and installation of your software image prior to shipping to your site. Some options, such as memory and operating systems, change for OEM-ready.

Drivers, Manuals & Support

Drivers, Manuals & Support
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