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    Dell Precision M6700 Mobile Workstation

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    Precision M6700
    Precision M6700 - Optimize your mobile productivity
    Operating system
    Available with Windows 8 Pro

    Optimize your mobile productivity.
    Achieve outstanding productivity with 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 or Intel® Core™ i7 processor options up to Extreme Edition and up to Windows® 8 Pro.
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    Tackle graphics-intensive tasks.
    Handle 3D modeling and other graphics-intensive jobs with next-generation AMD or NVIDIA® graphics options, and take in the view with support for up to five displays when docked*.
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    Run professional applications.
    Run your high-demand applications and crunch large amounts of data with 32GB* system memory and up to DDR3 1866MHz memory bandwidth.
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    Precision M6700 - Dependable performance and sturdy construction
    Dependable performance and sturdy construction.
    Critical applications will run smoothly with Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certification for many professional applications. Plus, Mil-spec 810G testing ensures that your Dell™ Precision™ M6700 can handle tough work environments.
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    Secure your data and help ensure smooth operation.
    Help protect data on hard drives and removable media across your network through encryption and strong authentication.
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    Stay charged and stay productive.
    Long battery life helps keep you up and running while you’re out in the field, and with the option to add additional battery capacity and to enable even faster charge cycles, your mobile Workstation won’t quit until the job is done.
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    Store more with spacious hard drives.
    Big jobs require big storage, and the Dell™ Precision™ M6700 offers hard drive space to spare, with dual HDDs, minicard and RAID options, plus the flexibility to add even more storage with an optional optical bay module.
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    Outstanding design features for your business.
    Experience versatile, professional viewing with IPS RGB LED high-color display options. Easily connect your devices with wide docking compatibility.
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    Go even further with the Covet Edition
    Enjoy the special features and stunning visual appeal of the upcoming M6700 mobile Workstation Covet Edition.
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    Complete your Dell Precision M6700 experience.

    Your Dell Precision™ M6700 is part of a complete business solution, including monitors and other accessories that make your mobile Workstation even more useful when you come in from the field. Dell™ ProSupport™* helps get you up and running, with the peace of mind that complete technical support is standing by.

    Accessories and peripheral devicesGlobal Services and Support
    Dell offers a wide range of additional accessories to help you complete your Dell Precision ecosystem. Add a Dell™ UltraSharp™ monitor for an excellent viewing experience when you’re back in the office.Dell ProSupport* offers global access to expert hardware and software technical support for your Dell and 3rd party assets. Plus, with Dell’s configuration services, Dell will load your image and apply asset tags prior to shipping so that your system is ready to use right out of the box.

    Generational Performance Comparision

    precision m6700 workstation Dell Precision M6700
    precision m4700 workstation DellPrecisionM6600

    SPEC CPU 2006

    precision m4700 workstation

    Spec int base (speed)

    precision m4700 workstation
    SPEC fp base (speed)

    precision m4700 workstation

    SPEC int base(rate)

    precision m4700 workstation

    SPEC fp base(rate)

    precision m4700 workstation

    precision m4700 workstation

    Viewperf 11
    precision m6700 workstation

    Viewperf 11 - catia
    precision m6700 workstation
    Viewperf 11 - ensight
    precision m6700 workstation
    Viewperf 11 - lightwave
    precision m6700 workstation
    Viewperf 11 - maya
    precision m6700 workstation
    Viewperf 11 - proe
    precision m6700 workstation
    Viewperf 11 - sw
    precision m6700 workstation
    Viewperf 11 - tc vis
    precision m6700 workstation
    Viewperf 11 - snx
    precision m6700 workstation
    precision m6700 workstation

    SPECapc for maya 2009
    precision m6700 workstation
    precision m6700 workstation
    precision m6700 workstation
    precision m6700 workstation
    precision m6700 workstation
    precision m6700 workstation

    SPECapc for ligthwave 3D 9.6

    precision m6700 workstation

    precision m6700 workstation
    precision m6700 workstation
    precision m6700 workstation
    precision m6700 workstation

    Generational Battery Life (hours:minutes)

    Dell precison M6500 9-cell
    precision m6700 workstation

    Dell precison M6600 9-cell optimus disabled
    precision m6700 workstation

    Dell precison M6600 9-cell optimus enabled
    precision m6700 workstation
    Dell precison M6700 9-cell optimus disabled*
    precision m6700 workstation
    Dell precison M6700 9-cell optimus enabled
    precision m6700 workstation
    Dell precison M6700 9-cell+slice optimus disabled*
    precision m6700 workstation
    Dell precison M6700 9-cell+slice optimus enabled
    precision m6700 workstation

    *Notates AMD graphics

    Dell ProSupport can help you cut costs and increase productivity across your multivendor environment. It will ease the burden on your resources so that they can focus on keeping your customers satisfied and free your time to focus on the bigger picture.

    With Dell ProSupport, you can expect:

    • 24x7 direct access to highly trained experts who provide enterprise-level, tech-to-tech support
    • Remote and on-site support with four and eight hour parts & labor response options
    •  Incident-based third-party software assistance for data center and end-user applications, OS, and firmware troubleshooting
    • Emergency parts and labor dispatch, in parallel with troubleshooting for issues you identify as severity level 1
    • Access to secure online management of parts, convenient for servicing your own hardware
    • Options to remotely monitor and manage your data center hardware
    • Options for data and asset protection services

    Data Management and Protection

    Asset Management and Protection

    IT Advisory Services

    • Keep Your Hard Drive* helps you retain control of sensitive data.
    • Hard Drive Data Recovery provides unlimited attempts to recover data from a failed hard drive.
    • Accidental Damage Protection repairs or replaces accidentally damaged systems.
    • System Tracking and Recovery tracks lost or stolen systems.
    • Extended Battery Service covers an optional replacement battery during a system’s three-year limited warranty period.
    Provides enhanced proactive capabilities through:
    • Designated Technical Account Manager
    • Performance benchmarking, custom reporting, planning and assessments
    Customization and setup
    Installation Services
    For fast, trouble-free installation of your system, including installing into a pre-built rack where applicable. For advanced installation requirements your Dell representative can provide a customised quotation.

    Deployment services
    Our end-to-end deployment services are designed to simplify and accelerate the customization and utilization of your new systems. Dell Deployment Services include everything from order consolidation to coordination of deployment resources.

    Configuration Services
    Configuration Services
    With Dell Configuration Services, your company receives fully functional systems ready for use by end users or for installation in your data center.Dell Configuration Services can help remove the complexity and frustration associated with deploying new equipment. You avoid excessive downtime in deploying new systems and can eliminate the risks and unnecessary complexity associated with supporting nonstandard configurations in your environment.

    Have your image loaded on your PCs prior to shipping. By allowing Dell Services to load your image as your systems are being built, you’ll be able to receive fully imaged laptops and desktops and minimize disruption to your day-to-day operations.
    Asset Tagging/Shipping Labels
    Want to be able to control and effectively manage the status of your computer equipment? Our asset tags and ship-box labels make identifying, tracking, securing and recovering your computers easier, simpler and more affordable.
    System tracking and recovery
    System Tracking and Recovery
    Computrace by Absolute® Software helps your organization locate lost or stolen systems and protect the corporate data that resides on these machines. Computrace allows you to centrally manage your IT assets, identify missing assets and enforce software policies. In the event of loss or theft – Computrace One can help recover the asset.
    BIOS Customization
    Allows customization and personalization of BIOS information for your organisation . An automated way to save time and effort creating basic system settings. Provides additional security and change control.

    Hard Drive Partitioning
    Minimize the risk of damaging crucial Operating System files and increase flexibility by storing your data on separate partitions with no need to purchase and install expensive disk partitioning software.

    Asset Resale and Recycling
    Asset Resale and Recycling offers safe and environmentally appropriate disposal or donation solutions for outdated or end of life IT assets. This service include transportation, flexible logistics, equipment processing, donation charity nomination, detailed data security and environmental reports at affordable prices.
    Drivers, Manuals & Support

    Dell Support

    From drivers and manuals to diagnostic tools and replacement parts, Dell Product Support has you covered!