Importance of Multi-Core Processors in Servers

Earlier today, I took part in an event in San Francisco to announce the two-socket PowerEdge 2970. It’s a two-socket server based on AMD’s Opteron processors. It also supports the Dual Dynamic Power Management feature, which  means it’s ready to support optimized quad-core performance and power management. The PowerEdge 2970 is designed to handle mutiple generations of upcoming Opteron processors.

Power consumption continues to be a concern in the server space as well. The PowerEdge 2970 becomes the third rack server that we offer in an Energy Smart configuration as well. If you’re interested in a bit more background, please take a look at an earlier post focused on that topic

Our customers expect us to release servers based on new technology to give them access to improved performance, power management, etc. What’s really more important are the trends that continue to occur in the server space. I’ve talked about the beginning of the transition to quad-core processors in two-socket servers in this vlog from last year.

In this vlog, Graham Lovell and Glenn Keels from our server team discuss how current trends continue to favor demand for one- and two-socket servers that support multicore processors.

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