Update on Windows Vista Upgrade

Bill B. just posted this on the Vista Dell Community Forum page and I wanted to get this on the blog as well.

Thanks to all for posting regarding the status of Vista Upgrade orders. Apologize for the frustration that many of you have experienced. I wanted to make some more information available.

As of April 30, we have shipped approximately 80% of the upgrades. We expect the bulk of the remaining orders to ship by May 15, and all scheduled orders to be shipped should be completed by the end of May, barring any unforeseen additional delays.

We fully expect to be continuing to deal with “unresolved” orders for sometime after that. These types of orders would include undeliverable addresses, declined credit cards, address changes, and incomplete/erroneous shipments, to name a few. Most of the customers in this situation will or have already received email communication about their orders.

Further information can be found in the FAQ section at the Dell Vista Upgrade site. Contact information can be found here for customers with problem orders. If order status and delay issues need to be addressed further, please use the Unresolved Issues link to submit a request for assistance from Dell case managers.

Most of you are already familiar with the above links. Beyond those, the other option is to submit a comment to this post with a brief descrisption of the issue(s) you need resolved along with the following details:

  • Service tag
  • Ship to address
  • E-Mail address
  • Daytime contact phone number
  • Registration order number

I will not publish your comments. I’ll get your information to people who can help. Thanks again for your patience.

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