Solution Providers: Part of Dell’s Fresh Approach

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At the end of April, there was some buzz in the media and the blogosphere about Dell potentially moving beyond the direct model. Earlier this week, CRN’s Ed Moltzen visited Dell, and during that time here, he sat down with Michael to find out what that means to Dell’s business. Ed posted the Q&A with Michael on

That interview covers a lot of ground. Michael mentions that Dell’s business with solution providers is currently about $4 billion in North America. He provides perspective on how we will grow that business, discusses how our indirect efforts will augment our existing direct business, hints at some “aggressive” plans to pursue retail in the United States and other major countries around the world, and more.

We’re going to have a lot more details focused around our efforts to work with solution providers moving forward. Because of that, I’ve created a new category called Solution Providers so you can find all the posts in one place.

Enough from me, take a look at Ed’s article for more insight.

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Topics in this article