Fake E-Mail Alert

Some colleagues in Dell Australia alerted me that they are receiving calls from customers regarding a fake e-mail invoice purportedly coming from Dell UK. This e-mailseems to be very similar to one that I blogged about a couple of months ago. At this point, I can confirm that this fraudulant e-mail is not coming from Dell and that no customer has been charged for any item on the e-mail.

Dell Australia posted information about the fake e-mail on the Dell Australia home page. They are currently investigating the details behind the e-mail.

I will update this post with relavant details that I can confirm. Here’s some information from the Dell Australia webpage:

Please delete any emails you receive with the subject “Your order #xxxxxxxx has been accepted for the amount 865.00 AUD”, which claims to originate from “order_xxxxxxxx@dell.co.uk” or relates to the purchase of a Canon digital camera.

This email did not come from Dell and Dell has not charged any customer for any of the item listed in the e-mail.

Please do not open the email, click on any links, open attachments or enter any personal information. Emails of this nature often contain links or attachments that may download and install malicious software onto your computer.

If you do open the email you should update your anti-virus software and perform a scan of you to remove any potentially malicious files. For more information, see www.dell.com/spoof.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca