In March, David Lear blogged about the benefits of the Electronic Product Environment Assessment Tool (EPEAT), a procurement system that helps purchasers in the public and private sectors evaluate, compare and select products based on environmental attributes.

With our Latitude D630, we’re building on our previous efforts to become the first in the industry to offer a global EPEAT Gold notebook. This means we’re meeting each of the 23 required criteria and 75 percent of the optional criteria. In addition, we’re listing our two of our most popular corporate desktops—the OptiPlex Energy Smart 740 and 745 mini-tower desktops—as EPEAT Gold systems as well. In contrast to a limited offering from a competitor, we’ve shipped nearly 4 million OptiPlex 745 systems.

We’re proud to have helped lead the effort to develop EPEAT and to list a growing number of products so institutional customers can purchase environmentally-responsible IT solutions. The success of EPEAT demonstrates the value of consistent and transparent environmental standards and reinforces our commitment to helping purchasers make environmentally-smart IT decisions.

As Lionel mentioned earlier this week, please keep those environmental ideas coming via IdeaStorm.

About the Author: Mark Schaffer