Joining the National Minority Supplier Development Council’s Mission to China

couple of weeks ago, Worldwide Procurement hosted a Global Citizenship Workshop
in Shenzhen. This week we are back in China working on another supplier development: the National Minority Supplier Development Council’s (NMSDC) Mission to China.  NMSDC is focused on helping U.S. minority
suppliers gain market information and experience business development knowledge
in order to expand business opportunities. 
Dell is one of the group’s leading members.  


this year, China Association of Advanced Knowledge Promotion in Ethnic Regions
(AKPRO) sent a delegation to the U.S. to benchmark NMSDC’s best
practices on minority business development. Mission
to China, NMSDC’s reciprocal
visit, hopes to raise the level of communication and cooperation between China and the U.S. while aiding in the development
of historically underutilized Chinese suppliers, such as those located in
smaller cities and rural areas.


Here at Dell, we recognize the importance of fostering
strong relations between the US
and China
to help create an environment conducive to the growth of minority suppliers for
both countries. During the mission, Ying
, HR senior manager, and I
will talk with the delegation about
how Dell provides equal access to potential business opportunities for small,
minority, and woman-owned businesses. In addition, Ying will share our best
practices which help drive economic development and promote community growth.


That growth helps enable minority business enterprises (MBEs)
participate as responsible partners and suppliers of within the global supply
chain.  In fact, many of our suppliers
already have made tremendous strides thanks to Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) training. The next step, taking place later this year, will take
that training to second-level suppliers through another Global Citizenship
Workshop in China.
This workshop will focus on driving EICC principles throughout the supply


Through mentoring and coaching, sharing our best practices
and providing access to international business opportunities, Dell is working
with MBEs to help them compete in the global market. Dell’s continued support
for these companies and ongoing relations with organizations like AKPRO, EICC
and NMSDC promote business opportunities that help China establish a global footprint
and increase its economic competitiveness.


A Peking University study released earlier this year estimated
that Dell indirectly creates more than 1.5 million jobs in China. The
launch of the results, hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, attracted
representatives from all over the country and showcased Dell as a significant
contributor to China’s
economy. For every US$1million Dell spends in China, more than double that is
contributed to China’s GDP, 92 new jobs are created, and US$144,000 in tax
revenues are produced.


At a Glance: Dell’s Supplier Diversity Best Practices

assessments and mentoring

  • Coach/Quarterback
    Training Camp – a new mentoring program where corporate members help
    minority-owned businesses compete for corporate contracts
  • Supplier
    Diversity Summit
    – an event where more than 150 diverse suppliers are given access to
    procurement opportunities at Dell, Dell’s corporate customers and prime


  • Direct
    Talk – a periodic forum where diverse suppliers can learn about real Dell
    procurement opportunities and have direct dialogues with Dell commodity
  • Technical
  • Online
    procurement tools – introducing small suppliers to technology to teach
    them how to do all transactions online
  • Supply
    chain management – Dell’s competitive advantage in management transferred
    to Chinese-based suppliers and customers

For our Chinese speaking customers, here’s the Direct2Dell Chinese blog post.

About the Author: David Brown