Linux Pricing on the Inspiron 1420N Fixed

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Earlier this week, the DeveloperSide.NET Blog posted a reaction to a pricing error on the Inspiron 1420N configurator page. User the_watcher brought the discussion into IdeaStorm shortly after. We fixed the pricing error this morning. Erik_d, a member of our Consumer pricing team issued an update in the comment thread earlier today.

Here’s what he said:

“As a member of Dell’s consumer pricing team, I want to let you know that the
recent pricing error on the Inspiron 1420 with Ubuntu was a simple oversight—the pricing promotions available on the Inspiron 1420 with Vista were not
applied to the Ubuntu systems. But we have now fixed this error. If you check
today, you should find the same promos in play on both the Ubuntu and the Vista
systems. Thanks for calling this error to our attention—and keep the feedback

 I’d like to reiterate Erik’s sentiment: thanks to the blogging community for bringing the error to our attention, and sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

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Topics in this article