OMSA LiveCD HOWTO, based on CentOS 5

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As a followup to my previous blog about a Firmware Updates LiveCD HOWTO, I've now
made an OMSA LiveCD HOWTO, based on CentOS 5.  Others, such as Harald Jensas, have done this in the past.  The Fedora livecd-tools make it even easier.

With these instructions, you can generate a LiveCD image that runs
OMSA 5.2, and you can turn that LiveCD into a bootable USB key too.
There isn't enough space on a CD to include all the system_bios* and
pci_firmware* packages (the iso winds up being over 700MB), but if you want
to burn it to a DVD or have a 1GB USB key, feel free to add those
packages to the package list, or simply install them into the live
environment at runtime:

 $ sudo -s
 # yum install $(inventory_firmware -b)
 # update_firmware

As we've noted in the past, OMSA 5.x uses only GPL'd drivers which are maintained in and in the distribution kernels.

About the Author: Matt Domsch

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