3-Prong Adapter Revisited

Since my original post on the tingle sensation, several of you asked us to follow up with information on how you can purchase a 3-prong adapter at a discount if you are experiencing the tingle sensation. So that we can properly address all customers who are experiencing the tingle sensation, we are re-opening the survey about on this topic. This new survey will run from now until August 21. Again, if you’re interested, you can access the survey here.

Customers in the United States who complete the survey and indicate that they are interested in purchasing a 3-prong adapter at a discount should hear from Dell within 3 – 5 days after completing the survey. Regions outside the United States will handle requests a bit differently, but Dell reps from your location will contact you to discuss options.

I do want to reiterate that this tingle issue is not something that is specific to Dell, or even to notebooks in general. This tingle sensation is not harmful to users and does not damage internal components in the notebook.

So, why are we re-opening the survey? The first time we ran the survey, we failed to capture e-mail addresses. Later, when I issued an update to the original post, the reality is that only a fraction of the customers who initially completed the survey responded to my update. The only way for us to rectify this is to run the survey again.

I want to apologize to customers who already completed the survey the first time. I’m also sorry for being the reason that many customers have had to wait this long to hear from us.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca