Not All Workstations Are Equal

Historically and recently, there’s been some churn around what constitutes a true workstation. A question that comes up with some customers is, “why can’t I use a high-powered desktop as a workstation?” While it is true that many of today’s desktops may be powerful enough from a basic hardware perspective, that’s only part of the requirement.

Dell Precision workstations are certified to run approximately 40 professional applications, including apps from ISV’s such as Autodesk, SoftImage, AVIDDassault Systemes and others are designed to help engineers, designers, developers and artists do their daily jobs. By comparison, many competitive systems don’t offer a formal application and hardware certification program or only offer proprietary applications.

So we’re on the same page,  a “workstation” as defined by the industry must:

  • Be specifically designed, configured and marketed to technical markets, including multi-tasking and graphics capabilities.
  • Feature configurations that have been certified to run workstation-specific applications and workloads.

Many competitors attempting to compete in this space resort to a “one size fits all” approach which, for some customers, is like using a teaspoon to fill the Grand Canyon or, for others, it’s like using a shovel to scoop sugar into your coffee.

Dell offers a range of mobile and desktop workstations to meet specific needs. You need a teaspoon, we give you a teaspoon. You need an earth-moving bulldozer, we have that too. Need to take your tools with you on the road? Dell’s got you covered with the mobile workstation line.

When we launched the Precision line of workstations in 1997, we helped define the workstation market with a commitment to industry standard architectures and proven ISV partnerships and certifications. Additionally, all Dell workstations come standard with 3-year on-site support.

In this vlog, I discuss Dell’s mobile and desktop workstation lineup and talk a bit more about what makes a true workstation.

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About the Author: Antonio Julio